DAWN OF DISEASE Fleshless Journey

For the very first time we’ve a chance to present German based melodic death metal troop Dawn of Disease. These Germans have so far released and recorded four studio album and they’ve also just issued their brand new offering. So, we have done one talk with their memeber Lukas in order to present the band at our pages,

Hello there, please could you present your latest offering Ascension Gate of Dawn of Disease to our readers? What does this brand new record mean to you?

Ascension Gate is our foruth full-length album. It presents a mixture of catchy melodies and and brutal riffs, there are rather slow passages as well as relentless bludgeoning blastbeats and the whole album has a dark and gloomy atmosphere crested by the growling vocals of our singer Tomasz. The album means very much to us as it is the second release within just about one year and so it embodies very much energy and power.

Also, since this is very first time that we have a chance to have Dawn of Disease on our pages please could you present the band? So far you have released four studio albums…

Dawn of Disease consists of our singer Tomasz, our Drummer Mathias, our bassplayer Christian, and Olli and me on guitar. Dawn of Disease was originally founded in 2003 but split up in 2007 after numerous lineup problems. In 2009 the band was reactivated by Tomasz (who is the only remaining founder member) and from that point of we started working on material. Over the years there were also some smaller lineup changes but in my opinion are now a good team to continue like this the next years!

Many would like to label your style of playing as a sort of melodic death metal. But, how would you like to describe it to someone who is facing Dawn of Disease for the very first time? Could you compare your style with some other bands?

The music of Dawn of Disease can be described best as a mixture of aggressiveness and brutality combined with melody and melancholy. “Melodic Death Metal” is a fitting term but we also have small elements of thrash, crust and so on. Comparing our style to other bands I would say that we play a mixture of Bloodbath, Hypocrisy, Vomitory and Insomnium with a tiny bit of old In Flames, Arch Enemy and Amon Amarth, haha!

Could you say now something about your previous records and career of the band so far? Since you’ve already issued four studio albums which one was the most important?

We released Legends of Brutality in 2011, Crypts of the Unrotten in 2012, Worship The Grave in 2016 and finally our current album Ascension Gate in 2017. Throughout the years we had the honour to play some great festivals and indoor shows, among others Metalfests and Extremefests in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Party.San Open Air (two times), Rockharz Festival, Wacken, Summer Breeze and a small poland tour with Amon Amarth, just to name some highlights. I think that the most important album so far is Worship The Grave as it was some kind of sign that we are still alive after it was rather quiet for about three years. With this album we got back into business and right now we keep on going forward!

Are there any plans in moment for the tour days when it comes to promotion of a band new record?

So far there is no tour planned but we are hoping that this will change as it is on of our unfulfilled dreams to finally go on tour for some two or three weeks. Nevertheless there are already some indoor shows confirmed: In November we are going to play Metal Hammer Paradise, a club show with Powerwolf and Kissin’ Dynamite and Veghel Deathfest in the Netherlands. Next year we are starting with Bavarian Battle Winter in January, a show in Chur, Switerland in March, the amazing Dark Easter Metal Meeting, Ragnarök Festival in April and Holsteiner Death Fest in May. There will be more shows announced soon so stay tuned!

Since a brand new record Ascension Gate is already out for some time could you tell us something about the reaction of both media and fans? Are you satisfied by the reaction so far?

The reactions so far are a bit mixed I would say. With our last album Worship The Grave we almost got only positive reactions. With this album it seems a bit different. Some reviews and fans are criticizing that the we changed a bit too much in our music concerning the addition of melodies and the reduction of aggressiveness. But I think this is not a bad thing that people are not 100 % pleased (I have to admit that we still are, haha). This always delivers a basis for discussing our music and so people are talking about us which I consider a good thing. Moreover I have the impression that we reached more people than ever before with Ascension Gate. We hit the German album charts at #46 and got a top ten position in Metal Hammer, Rock Hard and Legacy Magazine in Germany. If you change the sound of a band a bit in order not to stagnate and develop there will always be some people that would like to have the ‘old’ sound back but somehow they also arrange with the ‘new’ one, haha. All in all I think that the positive reactions prevail and that both media and our fans – old as well as new ones – are happy with Ascension Gate.

Where did you record a new record and who was the producer? Camparing to your previous albums did you bring something new when it comes to production this time?

With the three previous albums we used to go in one studio, record everything there and also let the producer do the mix and master. Only on the last album bass and vocals were recorded in another studio. With Ascension Gate we tried something completely new. We recorded the drums in one studio, we recored guitars and bass in another studio and also the vocals were recorded in a another studio. The mix and master was done by no less than Dan Swanö who is a real metal legend! He did an absolutely great job on the album!

When it comes to cover artwork who had done it this time and what would you like to express by it?

The cover artwork was done by Mark Cooper. He also did the artwork for Worship The Grave. We really like his style and so we decided to consult him again for doing the album cover. The artwork itself someheow reflects the album title in a metaphorical way: One can see this person-like shape passing this huge gate-like construction ascending into another sphere. In a more simple way it just looks amazing especially the interaction of the colours!

I would like to thank you for this interview. And I hope to see you soon somewhere live.

Thank you, too! See you on the road!

  • Answers by Lukas
  • Interview by Marko Miranovic


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