Summer Breeze (Dinkelsbühl) 16.08.-19.08.2017

Well, perhaps this was one of the best SB festivals that I’ve visited so far. Anyway, this one was anniversary since this was like 20 years since this Beyer based metal meeting has started.

Anyway, there were some noticeable changed in the structure of the festival ground. There was no so called tent stages, or more precise, it was replaced by regular one, close to the woods. Called it here second stage but it turned out to be my favorite one since various interesting bands have appeared there. And, it was less crowded but, yet there were a lot of folks gathered there especially during the evening and night hours. There were so many interesting acts during the day and night that we usually returned to our home (which is very close to festival ground) around 3 pass midnight.

17.08. This was the first day when we appeared so we missed unfortunately the opening day that had some surprising acts. For us the opening act was Life of Agony at the main stage. Not so spectacular show that I was expecting, but still a good one. The next one was accusing show of Moonspell. This one was like a warm up party since the band took the other stage two hours later. But, anyway this was very cool performance of some of the greatest hits ever delivered by these Portugal masters of goth sounds. The next show that we have watched was Megadeth one,a nd yet I have to say that the better was at Wacken somehow. I do not know why perhaps Dave was not in the mood, although the show was quite ok. The next performance  also was the Moonspell one, but this time regular one when they have appeared on the second stages. This was really top of the day since they have offered their Irreligious set. And, the atmosphere with the woods behind was amazing as well. During their show, on the main stage Amon Amarth has performed their show as well so i guess that the entire SB was divided into two fronts: one for older visitors and one for younger and teenage ones with all pyrotechnics and big balloon-dragon’s serpents…

The last band that has appeared on the main stages that day (night) was Wardruna. I think that this was the best choice although it seemed that the second stages (in the woods) would suit the better for such a performance. Hardly to described by the words, but if you know Wardruna, that you are quite aware of their Norwegian based folk music and their high-rated art. The most interesting moment during the day was when Anneke von Giersbergen has appeared with David Townsend Project. her the most enchanted and beautiful was remain us all that there’s the last hour for The Gathering reunion!

18.08. The second day was a bit different than the opening one. We were from the early hours at the event ground. While a friend of mine was watching some bands I was chasing some CDs and LPs as usual. So, as far as I could recall the first band that I have seen this day was Epica (although I never liked them much), and yet I wanted to see Eluveite but the huge storm arrived and ruined everything at thta moment so we have returned home for some hours. But, of course, we have returned once again to watch highlight of that night: Kreator, Wintersun and Amoprhis. Kreator was very similar with Wacken show, maybe there were few changes in the set list, but anyway the good one. Wintersun was quite tricky. Since latest events when their front-man has started this campaign to gather or collect  money started to avoid this band. But, anyhow I was eager to watch the show. Jari was only singing this time, everything was very weird and stage, including the sound. Some songs were even harder to recognize. And, the crowd started to go to their tents so when they have finished there were just few people left for the arrive of Amorphis. Yet, their show was very short one. Something like 35 minutes…and they played only one or two older tracks…not enough but I since this was my 7th time I was not so disappointed.


19.08. The last day of SB is always a special one, but I do not know any particular reason why. The last day has started very early for us since I wanted to see Primal Fear. Early morning madness with Ralf, Matt Sinner and co. I have to say that I was expected much more of their older stuff, but anyway the show was cool enough. I was there also on Battle-Beast although I never like this band that much. And yet this day was quite a rush, the next band that i remember was Asphyx on second stage and then I was waiting for Tiamat to arrive, trying to avoid the sound of Korn in behind 🙂 But, when Tiamat has arrived this was pure catastrophe. They played actually the entire Wildhoney set, but J.Edlund has all the time falling apart I strongly believe because of the consuming too much f drugs 🙂 I really do not know what to say… 🙂 We really wanted to stay and wait for the Haggard to arrive but he ruined the entire evening, I was so depressed and it started to getting cold…so this was the final show…

if I try to collect each memory from SB 2017 it will be hard. it was a really long journey from Life of Agony to Tiamat, and all I can say I am cannot wat for the next year and I am already looking towards next meeting!

  • Marko Miranovic
  • Photo by Jurgen Frickinger

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