Actually we have done this interview earlier so at the end of the day it was more focused on Sorcerer’s latest EP which was released during September, before their brand new effort was released…

Hello there! Since I have already a chance to check out your upcoming album Sirens I can only give you compliments for a new one! My congratulations! Also, In the Shadow of the Inverted Cross what a great issue as well.
Anders Engberg:
Thank you! We are very excited about the new stuff and also proud of the last album, a great comeback

Could you present Sirens from your own point of view to our readers? Could you also compare it with your debut album In the Shadow of Inverted Cross?

Anders Engberg:
Well, Sirens is the first single to come out, there will be some more before the release of the new album. I think that with Sirens we stay true to the Sorcerer sound and deliver a monster of a doom piece. The song takes you to the land of fantasy/folklore/mythology and the seduction of sailors by the Sirens. To compare one song to a whole album is not right, after the release of the new album you can ask me again, but I think it’s a great song which stands up to the last album.

Could you give us a brief history about Sorcerer? As a matter of fact Sirens is your 2nd offering and two years ago your debut was out for Metal Blade.

Anders Engberg:
The band started out in the late 80’s and we put out two demo cassettes 89 and 92. After that we split up and went separate ways for 25 years, during that separation the demos came out on CD and the mystique of Sorcerer lived on through the years. We played our first show in 2010 at HOD and after a great show in Athens at the Up The Hammers festival we decided to make a new album. We had quite the success with “In the shadow..” and did several shows during 2015-16. In late 2016 we started to work on new songs and here we are . We are very happy to be signed to Metal Blade which are the perfect match for us. Two albums in a little less than 30 years is too long of course but with the current rate we will be putting out new stuff more often, to be sure.

How would you like to name your references and influences and your style as well? In fact, your style is quite heavy, traditional and epic, as well. Candlemass could be one quite a strong reference…

Anders Engberg:
Yes of course we were influenced by Candlemass, but we also had other influences like; Rainbow, Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd to name a few. I think that Sorcerer has always been more towards traditional hard Rock/metal than so much traditional doom. We are sort of in the outskirts of the doom scene, but we like to see ourselves as a doom act.
Do you plan to have some shows in the future like a party for a release date or anything like that? I miss one of your shows at Rock Hard Festival still I regard for it, but yet it was very early. Any plan or scheduling for some festivals?

Anders Engberg:
We’re having a release party here in Stockholm later this fall. To play shows are absolutely in focus, not that many this year probably but come summer we will definitely play as much as we can. Rock Hard was a great show for us, a chance to play for many new fans, just great!

What would you like to express by your cover artworks done for both records Sirens and In the Shadows of the Inverted Cross?

Anders Engberg:
For all cover art it’s important to portray a sense of what the album and band is all about.
Also it’s important that the cover art wakes an interest from the viewer, it has to make you curious. For the singles and the new album to come we have illustrations that feeds the subject of the lyrics. With the last album “In The Shadow..” we wanted the cover reminding somewhat of the old demo cassette from 89.

Most of Sorcerer members are coming from different bands, some of them quite known and popular. Just to name some: Therion, Tiamat, Sundown and so on. How do you feel to have a band with such a great musicians. In fact you are like all-star band

Anders Engberg:
It’s a privilege to have such great musicians in your band, I’m sure we all feel the same. All the experience and talent in the band really makes Sorcerer what it is today. I’m also very happy to announce that our original drummer Ricky Evensand (Soilwork, Reignsaw) is back in the band and it feels great such an extremely good drummer will make the band sound even better live and on albums in the future.

It seems that traditional heavy metal has made a great come. Some would say that old school metal has now become like a trend. But, anyhow it’s better like this. What’s your opinion about this?

Anders Engberg:
Well. It’s from where we come all of us, the NWOBHM and the great American bands from the 70’s and 80’s. I just love that stuff. I hope that our fans can relate to this when they hear our records and see us live. I just want to end this interview by sending a big THANK YOU!! to our faithful fans all over the globe, hope to see you out on the road, cheers!

  • Interview by Marko Miranovic

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