CannibalCorpse-RedBeforeBlackCannibal Corpse don’t have anything to prove to no one. They are biggest selling death metal band in the history of the genre, have a few classic albums in their catalog and represent inspiration to countless bands, both old and new. So I guess that the main reason why they are so relentlessly playing and releasing new stuff on steady pace is that they steel feel the fire for true death metal and love for this sound. My theory would of course be pure illusion if reality does not support it and you only need one listen to their 14th studio album entitled Red Before Black to understand that my words are complete truth. With Erik Rutan once again doing the production, Cannibal Corpse are showing us at this point of their career that they still can pull up some tricks from their collective sleeves. Don’t get me wrong, they haven’t decided to start playing progressive reggae or something – they are still playing brutal death metal and that will not change until the end of days but they have some slight twists and turns just to keep things interesting. The thing is, Red Before Black sounds considerably thrashy which is no wonder when one keeps in mind that the band has started their musical journey back in 80s so blooming thrash metal must have left its violent mark on their psyche. This element has added to the overall level of catchiness, and it’s not that Cannibal has ever lacked in that department ever since the beginning but those thrash riffs and rhythms are just tailor made for head banging and will go down perfectly down in the moshers’ pit. The atmosphere of Red Before Black is due to this old school elements somewhat darker and ominous, so the album can be linked to first two albums but of course done in modern Cannibal Corpse way so you can never mistake them to another band. In year where old guard bands like Obituary, Incantation or Immolation are all back with some of their best releases in years, Cannibal Corpse are easily in top league with their new album which comes as expected knowing that they are have never released remotely bad album. Cannibal Corpse are not where they at without reason, period!

  • Metal Blade Records CD
  • Trifunovic Slobodan (8)

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