SORCERER The Crowning of the Fire King

669374Well, from the very first tune I had a feeling that I started to dwell somewhere else and latest Sorcerer effort took me somewhere else, it was like looking backwards to Therion’s Gothic Kabbalah record. So, the work and hand-writing of Kristian Niemann is more than obvious on this particular record. I could already start the review that The Crowning of the Fire King could be already named as one of the best record in 2017, and I guess that many will agree with my opinion. The quality of the record is obvious!

Never the less, lets say for the beginning that their latest material stands somewhere between good-old Candlemass and aforementioned Therion’s last highlight Gothic Kabbalah. In the same time the riffing is quite melodic, but also very slow and epic, with obvious doom-like vibe. Of course, we could easily label Sorcerer’s sound as a sort of epic doom metal but that’s just the short term, that could get some attention to the band, but yet when one start to dig and to enter more within this particular record he will find many hidden moments within: layers and layers of high quality guitar works. On the other hands we have a great vocal skills and work coming from the vocalist Andres Engberg. He has also provided the material with high quality vocals bravuras. So, at the end of the day we have in front of us a great record with lots of great moments, I have to say also with some nostalgic melodies and riffing as well. Its always hard to chose one track that could present their latest issue but lets say that single Sirens is the best way to present the latest issue.

The Crowning of the Fire King is actually a step forward comparing to their previous issue In the Shadow of the Inverted Cross. The debut studio album was indeed great, but their latest stuff is just a one more step toward something bigger and more colossal so to say. Highly recommended! The band just deserves the best rating!

  • Metal Blade Records CD
  • Marko Miranovic (8)

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