SAMAEL Hegemony

samaelhegemonycdOnce they were very popular and one of the most innovative bands on the scene, very respected, and still they are, but time has changes and the audience has changed as well. As a matter of fact Samael has a cult status at the scene, since they are sort of pioneers when it comes to ”their” sort of sound. From my point of view its indeed hard to label their sound since they are quite original and since their sound was made during 90s when everything was much different comparing to present times. During 90s originality was the (main) goal, but yet everything has changed…the originality is not the main goal anymore…

It seems that Hegemony follows the same path that their previous records has marked especially when it comes to Passage and Eternal records, so to say classic studio albums. So, Hegemony is based on very rich orchestration, here and there enriched with some catchy guitar-riffing, owning a spectacular atmosphere only characteristic for this particular band! Of course, there’s a lot of their latest records as well but these two records (Passage and Eternal) were the most important ones so to say when it comes to crafting of their sound. If Hegemony was released back then in 90s, just right after Eternal I would say, I guess that it would have been a blast on the scene, but now this sort of sound is less popular or acceptable. Anyway, after six years of waiting we have a brand new record out and I think its better if they do not continue to deliver albums each year of two. This is somewhat better. The album is good, its not their best release, but I guess if you are an old (ancient) fan of the band you will be delighted with their latest effort. The production is quite powerful, the structure of the songs is very typical for Samael, so if you have liked their previous records you will also love the new one, no more, no less.

Time when Samael was a popular band has passed away, but still they have some older admires who are following the band since 90s (target audience between 30-45). What’s the most important problem is that they still have a quality to offer, but yet I do not see so much younger fans that are attacked with their style and their music. Rather they will try to follow some more catchy pagan folk bands, female fronted bands or 2nd WW lovers. Never  the less, Hegemony is a cool opus and if you are a person devoted to 90s (the sound, the style) I guess that you should give it a proper try. Do not miss it, orchestration are quite cool 🙂

  • Napalm Records
  • Marko Miranovic (8,5)

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