TAAKE Kong Vinter

0011399481_10Nattestid (1999) still remains the best ever recorded material from Hoest leader of Norwegian based black metal act known as Taake. Bjoergvin (2002) was actually different from the debut one but still it was a marvelous written work. Already with the third record the things start to change in one way or another. Later the band has become more popular, so to say, within black metal circles and beyond.

I’ll always admire first two (or three) albums of Taake, since somehow they are being my favorite band from Norway that is still active, but yet I have opportunity only to see Taake once. Still the debut offering is the best one, ruling from the throne without any questions. Then comes the second studio album.

It’s very hard to speak so to say about brand new issue of Norwegian black metal act Taake. There’s 3 years now between his previous record and a new one. Stridens Hus was quite ok record, but it cound not challenge the first three offerings. And, now we have a brand new issue which is somewhere between. There’s old vibe from first two records, but also there’s something new and fresh, so to say. But, yet something is missing here, although the main ingredients are still there, still very obvious. By the way, the cover artwork was promising , good old (and cold )atmosphere but, yet the quality of music just don’t follow it…

I am really trying to be objective as much as I can but Kong Vinter is not close to Nattestid or Over Bjoergvin…somehow, something’s missing… I will not say that a brand new offering is a bad record, not at all, it has its own vibe and the atmosphere. Somehow there are moments from Over Bjoergvin in almost each song. I guess that if you are basally fan of Taake and Norwegian black metal you could like the album, but I think, from this point of view, that Taake’s latest material has slightly less quality comparing to previous issue. Well, I have to say that it was very hard to write such a review since I always adore Taake and the fact is that they have always their own style…Just before I wrote this review I was listening Nattestid just to find that it was one of the best Norwegian albums ever written…

  • Dark Essence CD
  • Marko Miranovic (6)

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