a3689927249_10Norwegian experimentalists Vulture Industries are back with their 4th full length entitled Stranger Times and the burning question is: have they succeeded in following their previous album? 2013s release The Tower have elevated their career without a doubt and changed their path from their first two albums that were a bit too much similar to Arcturus imo; The Tower has founded something that can be called Vulture Industries sound for the first time. It is safe to say Stranger Times is worthy successor to The Tower as it has followed that one in just proper way: capitalizing on its strengths and taking it further. The style of Stranger Times is similar to that one found on The Tower, people are calling Vulture Industries progressive but don’t expect something that goes hand in hand with the sound that is called like that nowadays. Stranger Times possess that ominous black metal tone but it is very discreet and lurking, the whole sound picture is bizarre and cabaret-alike… like you are watching some wicked play where you do not know what will happen next! Anyway I would say that the album title is aptly chosen, add to that weird cover art scenery and you will instantly understand that this is not your usual metal band. The interesting thing is the fact that majority of Stranger Times is very catchy (take Strangers or As The World Burns for example), the songs are not that long but one cannot truly compare Vulture Industries to any other band which is good sign of true artistry. While we are at it, I must note that Stranger Times is shorter than its predecessor while still retaining all its virtues which is always cool thing in my book, it is like the band has distilled what is best in their sound in this album. All in all, Stranger Times promises great times for this band and even though their sound may be a bit too much for the majority of average metalheads (I have witnessed their gig in Belgrade couple of days ago in front of mere 30 people) give this album some time, allow it to grow inside your mind as it has a lot to offer if you are into true forward thinking metal.

  • Karisma / Season of Mist CD
  • Trifunovic Slobodan (8)

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