SILVER WIND Metal Legions from France

Silver Wind is the traditional heavy metal band that comes from France. They have just issued their brand new record out Legion of the Exiled  so we took the chance to present the band for the very first time on our pages.
As a matter of fact you have a new record Legion of the Exiled so tell us something about the newer record? Could you present it from your point of view?
“Legion of the exiled” is our first album, record it was a long work for us, we don’t have so much money to go in a record studio so we record all the guitar and bass at the Eric’s home studio, the singing at our friend Mederic Hardrock and the drum in  another studio. We need one year to finish it, i hope it will be faster for the next. We are very proud of it, he have a killer sound, the cover is incredible, it’s our “baby”.
Please, also could you present the band Silver Wind to our readers since this is the very first time that we have a chance to have an interview with you?
Ahahah, a chance to answer at your questions too. We are a French heavy metal band from Grenoble. My name is Benoit (bass) and i founded the band with Eric (guitar) and Francois (drum) in 2006. Mathieu (guitar) joined the band in 2009 and Antoine (singer) in 2012. we also had many singer and guitar player who was with us but i can’t tell you all, i don’t remember.
How would you like to describe your style of playing? Tell us something about your influences as well, please name some of your favorite bands. Could heavy power suit well the description?
We really like the power of a good riff guitar and with this we try to incorporate melody of the second guitar and after Antoine put his voice. We are fan of traditional germanic heavy metal like RUNNING WILD, ACCEPT,GRAVE DIGGER and the most Germanic French band LONEWOLF… But we can also listen thrash metal like TANKARD,MEGADETH, TESTAMENT and after put AOR music like FITH ANGEL or AUTOGRAPH…
Could you tell us something about previous works since you have record one more material few years ago? The title for this EP was Fight for Glory if I am correct.
Yes we have a EP called “fight for glory”, it was really the beginning of our own material, we rerecording three  song for the album because we really wanted to have a new listening of this song.
Your visual aspect and lyrical concept are very much based on tradtional heavy metal so tell us somethign about it. Silver Wind is obiously very tradtional HM group I guess that you are also into the same stuff personally.
Yes we really love traditional heavy metal, the sound, the visual of the 80′ are very present in our mind. Sometimes we said to us “we are not born at the good year”… of course we joke with that, only Francois the “old” of of the band had see IRON MAIDEN  in 1986. Our lyrics are only based on personnal  imaginary of each member of the band, i write “lord of the last rampart”, Eric write write “legion of the exiled”…. We don’t have rules for that, if one of us have the inspiration, OK do it write the lirycs.
When it comes to Silver Wind do you have any live shows in mind soon? Are you active actually when it comes to live performances?
We are always ready to play live, maybe next show in Lyon to opening for a great band but nothing is confirmed for now, we hope to play at European festival this summer specialy German festival but we waiting the release of the album to contact some of us. If a promote guy read this we are your band to started your fest in fire….
The debut full-lenght Legion of the Exiled has been just released though No Remorse Records. Tell us how did you contact them and how did you sign for such a great label?
Haha, yes good question. Simply. I send our EP at NO REMORSE RECORDS and Chris tell me what he like our music and if we have an album we can work together. We record it  and now i answer to your questions. Sometimes life give you very nice present. All people at NO REMORSE RECORD  are very nice, they do a very good job and we are very proud to work with us.
I would like to thank you for the interview and I will you all the best until the next time!
Thank you for you, to give me this interview, it was a pleasure for me to answer at your questions, hope to see you at fest this summer.
  • Interview by Marko Miranovic

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