DOMINE Tales of the Eternal Champion

Domine is one of those band that was very active during late 90s until the last years of previous decade. Thier last record was released in 2007 so 10 years from now. They have been quit popular when band like Rhapsody ruled some major HM magazines. In total they have released 5 record and still they are active having some shows here and there especially in Italy. There’s no need to tell that they are among my favorites. Some of their record are indeed brilliant. Their entire saga is based on fantasy novel specially Michael Moorcock’s Eternal Champion cycle. Also, on all their cover artworks is Elric a tragic hero from MM saga

Champion Eternal (Dragonheart, 1997) the debut album. I guess that the true followers of Domine would dig for it. It was a nice start for the band and a prelude of the things to come. Later on they developed their style. The album contain one very long track Eternal Champion a closing hymn.

Dragonlord (Tales of the Noble Steel, Dragonheart 1999) Well, this record is a sort of development. Very epic piece of work, each song is a well crafted jewel. Very different production comparing to other bands, rawer so to say. If you like fantasy metal that this CD is a must ! Epic hymns, some tragic moments, glorious moments. Some would say that this was even better but also different from Rhapsody. They do not have so much keyboards.

Stormbringer Rules (Dragonheart 2004) Much better production or should I say polished. Once more each song is a well crafted epic jewel. Somehow this album is different comparing to previous two record. I guess that during these days the band was the most popular, beyond the borders of power metal.

Emperor of the Black Runes (Dragonheart, 2003) This record was a sort of squeal to Stormbringer Rules saga. Production wise is very close to previous record and also the songs are indeed nice. One more jewel in Domine’s forgotten discography. Each song is a hymn. This was the last great opus from this Italian band.

Ancient Spirit Rising (Dragonheart, 2007) Different record less fantasy written, if you are a fan of the band you will like it I guess but its not their most important and the most representative work.

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