2017 Personal Overview

As a matter of fact this year could be better but yet there were some good record that need to be mentioned from my side. Carach Angren Dance and Laugh Among the Dead was a good symphonic black metal record. Perhaps not their best one, but yet a interesting work. Paradise Lost Medusa was also quite a nice album a sort of comeback into the glorious past but with some modern touch. Some cool songs. If we forget that Cradle of Filth will never release Dusk or Vempire their latest effort also was a nice one. But, yet Sorcerer has recorded one great act The Crowning of the Fire King. This was a highlight when it comes epic doom sound. I also need to mention here Serbian based band Claymorean (Stormspell) with their album Sounds From a Dying World which was one of the best Serbian releases. One more traditional work so to say. Samael has issued one nice album but it seems that it has passed little unnoticed. Also, we need to mention a brand new offering from Portugal based Moonspell 1755.

But it seems thta more things has happened underground so to say there were some good issues coming from various bands like Palantir. They did one great record for Stormspell record. The same goes for Yuri Furlone, Blason Stone, Numenor (Stormspell Records was one of the most active records). Also, some records and bands from No Remorse Records were indeed need to be mention like Paladine or Lord Vigo with their indeed interesting work Blackborne Souls.

As for festivals and concerts they were indeed good Wacken, Summer Breeze and I have for the very first time visited Gjafle Metal Meeting in Sweden. So, it was cool year in one way or another hope that the next year would be better when it comes to bands and their records. Already there are some promoting releases from Summoning, Tribulation…


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