EVERTALE The Great Brotherwar

evertale_thegreatbrotherwarPerhaps I expected something more from the second full-length of Evertale but still I sense only classic power metal in the most traditional way. Perhaps I could compare Evertale with Orden Ogan. So to say both bands preform modern sort of power metal and the main problem is that I still missing something in their style although the music and the production are quite powerful. For example if I compare Evertale with Morning Dwell (Sweden) I would find that send album from MD has something that makes the major difference  that will make me to buy or not one record.

I guess that Marshal has done the cover artwork. More or less the songs sounds very good, but I cannot separate them one from another. If I compare Evertale with Blind Guardian or Helloween that could be ok, but I think that the major comparing is with modern sort of power metal bands like Orden Ogan Guitar work here plays the main role so you just know of what we are talking about. In some moment music could be very inspired . But, yet the main problem is that I’ve already heard those riffs here and there before. Vocals are also ok, while the drums are perhaps the best part of the story.

Don’t get me wrong Evertale’s The Great Brotherwar is a cool record, they do have potential and I would like to see the band live playing. So, if you are into some present power metal stuff from Germany like Orden Ogan or Stormwarrior check out these guys. Persuader could be also reference, but for example Persuader has something that makes them really great.

  • NoiseArt Records
  • Marko Miranovic (7,5)


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