677767Sadauk is a completely new name to me. The band comes from Sweden and they have just released their debut offering for Pure Legend Records. I have noticed their name while I was reading some reviews from Metal Hammer (Germany issue). I have to say that I’ve been already attacked by their eye-catchy cover artwork (needless to say) its done in a pure fantasy style.

Sadauk performs music that could be described as sort of very interesting mixture between different styles. Somehow their style is close to Battlelore (since they have two types of vocals). The band has some obvious power metal influences, but the male vocals are more like growl ones. On the other hand, they’ve female vocals which could take us to some female bands, too. So, there are power and goth metal moments in the same time. The keyboards also play a big role and the production, too. The production itself is very polished which served the music very well. I do like the way of singing and the atmosphere on the entire album. Since I do not own CD yet it could be interesting to see if the story behind the lyrics is conceptual one. Anyway, their brand new record has proved that Sweden has some indeed decent bands to offer especially when it comes to newcomer ones like Mourning End or Palantir (including now Sadauk).

If you are into fantasy metal and you like melodic stuff with some heaviness within then you should really check out Sadauk. The band have some interesting and freshly moments to offer. I guess that you would not regret.

  • Marko Miranovic (8)
  • Pure Legend Records CD

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