SADAUK Sage and Jester

Sweden just recently has proved to be a host of some of the indeed interesting bands. We have already done the interviews and presented on Metal Sound’s pages Palantir and Mourning End, and now we have opportunity to host yet another act from Sweden. Sadauk has just released their debut offering A New Dawn. Their style is an interesting mixture between different styles…power and gothic metal with a sort of fantasy touch…


Hello! Please, could you tell us something for the beginning about Sadauk? When the band was actually found since you have released your demo back in 1997?

Hi! Sure, I can try. It all started in April 1996 when I met a person who also loved metal. We managed to put a band together and despite Sadauk have changed a lot of members over the years, I have always thought that the most important with Sadauk is having fun together. It was fun to record and it is fun to play live, but it is not necessary. Friendship and the songs is why Sadauk exists.

A New Dawn is your debut record released by Pure Steel Records…Please, tell us something about your debut offering and present your debut to our readers?

In 2015 we had to make a change in the band. I didn’t feel the fun with rehearsing at the time. Three of us contacted Sverker Widgren at Wing Studios to make an album of some of the songs we had made throughout the years. We wanted it to hold together as an album, but with a lot of different things going on in the music.

The first half is an epic story of the eternal conflict between good and evil. It is supposed to have the whole attention from the listener, preferably with the lyrics and illustrations in the booklet. A pretty long symphonic intro set you in the mood for the combat to come. The three following acts are there the main story is told, with ideas close to Tolkien, but in another part of the fantasy universe. The fifth track is recorded on an organ in a church, as the story continues in an eleven funeral. The last part of the story is more extreme, with blackish elements and an atmosphere of darker times to come.

The seventh track starts of the rest of the album and is a clan of Vikings, saluting Odin and beer. In the next song they set sail to unknown lands. Every story has something to tell and has some ingredients that are unique for that song. I don’t think you will get bored when you listen to the album, even though it´s an hour long. Some songs include solos, some has choirs, some has unusual instruments and so on.

How would you like to describe Sadauk’s music? I have noticed very well some gothic and power metal influences all in all the final product sounds quite interesting…

You a right about that, but it´s not simple to put our music in a genre. It´s mostly dark, at least on behalf of the lyrics and the singing, but perhaps the music make the experience more bright and hopefully make you wanna start of some headbanging.

Sadauk has quite a nice and catchy artwork for the debut album. Please, tell us who has done it?

Our illustrations are made by Peter Bergting. Except for the cover there is a picture for every song in the thick booklet. I contacted him since I have loved his work since he started as a fantasy role  playing game-illustrator in the end of the eighties. He has made so much more than pictures for games, for example book covers like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings and comics like Baltimore.

If you need to choose one song from A New Dawn record which one will it be, the one that could present the band in the best way!

Oh, why did we have to make so many songs?! Who is King in Paradise has lyrics that is easier to understand the meaning of than the other and it isn’t as dark; you should try to live and not concern too much about death. But it has refrains and a solo, so perhaps it´s build more traditionally… until the end there we made a “Savatage-choir”. We had a party in the studio there we invited ex-members and some of them ended up singing in this song. A good song with meaningful lyrics and a crazy touch.

I’m very curious about your lyrical background with what kind of lyrics and themes you are dealing with? Is it fantasy tales or something else?

It´s actually about shortcomings of humanity. Sometimes about religion, sometimes about people who don’t do their best, like officials ignoring common sense or voters choosing not what they believe in but what they gain most of for themselves. Then you listen to the lyrics thou, you will probably think about fantasy or medieval themes. Maybe it doesn’t make sense writing in sindarin or blackspeech and when claim to write about people making more people and destroying the environment?

Sadauk has just done one show but do you have in plan some other shows or even a tour?

We had a great release party. The house was full and the crowd was awesome! We want to do some club gigs in the cities close to Stockholm, but there are currently no tour planned.

I would like to thank you for the interview. Please, for the very end tell us something about your future plans?

Write new songs, rehearse, play some gigs and have a nice barbecue –with our own beer!

  • Interview by Marko Miranovic

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