NIGHT DEMON Hallowed Ground

Night Demon (USA) has just issued their second offering for German based label SPV/Steamhammer Records. The band is already quite known to all those lovers of traditional and old school heavy metal. So, it was time to present Night Demon on Metal Sound pages.


Since this is the first interview that we are doing with Night Demon please could you present the band from your point of view to our readers? 

We a a power trio heavy metal band from southern California.  We live this lifestyle full time and have come to kick some ass!  The band started roughly around late 2012 and have been touring most of the time since.

Darkness Remains is your latest offering so please tell us something about brand new issue. 

It’s a step up from our previous release Curse of the Damned as far as songwriting, but it is still pure heavy metal in the style of Night Demon.  It has been received very well by the fans, and we have overcome the hurdle of the second album in putting out something that stands up to the previous.

Where and when did you record a new offering and who was the producer? 

In the mountains of Keane, California in late 2016 in five days.  We produced the album ourselves, recorded most of the tracks live with no click track or headphones.

You’re already preparing for the tour dates so tell us where and when will you play? 

We are currently on a two month tour of Europe with Accept.  After this we return to the states to do a run with Venom Inc., then back to Europe in May for a few festivals.  We will return in August for Waken, do a full headlining European tour in September to support the release of a new live album titled Live Darkness, then back to the states and Latin America for some more touring.

Tell us also something about your debut effort Curse of the Damned (2015)? What’s the difference between debut and the 2nd album Darkness Remains? 

We focused a lot more on the sounds of the instruments on Darkness Remains.  The production quality is a lot higher than on Curse of the Damned, and there are no rhythm guitar tracks on it.  It has the true three piece sound.  The other major thing would be the addition of new guitarist Armand John Anthony.  He plays great, and really brought the band to a new level.

How would you like to label your music style and who are the major influences on your music and style? 

Most of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal bands are an influence.  Iron Maiden, Metallica, Judas Priest obviously are as well.  We are a pretty straight forward heavy metal band, although some say we are in some way current and new.

Who has done your cover artworks and what would you like to express by them? 

Don Phurry.  He is a really good friend of ours that is an art director at Warner Bros. Records, but always does us the favor of making our cover art.  He is the best!!!!!!!

Also, since you are coming from USA please could you add few words about your scene? it seems that traditional HM has once again become quite popular is your country? 

It’s a very large country.  There are lots of people, so there is plenty to go around.  Heavy metal is more popular in the mainstream of Europe, but there are plenty of metalhead in the states and that number is always growing.  We are proud to be one of the bands leading the charge for heavy metal coming from the Unites States.

I would like tot hank you for the interview and I wish you all the best !!!

Thanks so much for the support!  Hope to play there one day.

  • Interview by Marko Miranovic 

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