tribulationdownbelowcdI have to be honest here and to admit that I didn’t expect that the latest record from Tribulation would be as great as their previous work was, but indeed Down Below turned out to be indeed marvelous jewel as Children of the Night was. I have become fan of Tribulation relatively recently when they have released Children of the Night full-length and since then I have seen the band three times playing here and there. In a way they have become very unique band at the scene with unique old sound. There’s black and death metal but also there are influences from 70s as well both in sound and visuals. Tribulation’ s music and visual side of the band is just pure art!

When it comes to Down Below their 4th full-length I can only use the most positive words. The album is calmer, so you’ll need some more time to get within it, as it was the way with its predecessor. But, once when you get within their art and music, it becomes so magnetic and adorable, there’s no way out. There are some records (even black metal) that one could listen during the day, with Tribulation only night-hours work! When it comes to critique of their album I guess that the best way is to compare it with its predecessor Children of the Night since Down Below could be labeled as a sort of the squeal. These two records are musically very similar, but there’s enough distance just to say that Down Below has something of its own, very deep and emotional. Each song is well-crafted jewel, each song has ”something” specific which separate it from the other one: a special haunted melody or different enchanted riff, moment of clarity. The production also plays a big role here. Its very vivid and natural, nothing is triggered or polished. Each instrument sounds perfect: the sound of guitars, the perfect sound of the drums or the most diabolical vocals. Just like as it was the case with the previous album, also Down Below has the intermezzo parts that are suiting the atmosphere of the album in the best possible way.

I guess that the best result when it comes to absorbing the true meaning of Tribulation’s art is if you are listening their music during midnight hours. The day-time just does not works: music for midnight’s hearts 🙂 !

  • Century Media CD
  • Marko Miranovic (9)


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