JENNER To Live is to Suffer

632696While I was just checking the latest arrivals and offerings from Metal Blade and Century Media I just suddenly tried to check out something else just for a moment. You know, its very hard to check out anything in between when you’re dealing with  brand new stuff from Primordial, Necrophobic or Tribulation (everything would sound just too weak), but anyway, I gave a try to Jenner as well. Actually, the band hails from so to say domestic scene (Serbia, Belgrade based). Moreover, the band is all-girl group which could lead to some negative standard arguments, but mark my words, this is not yet another female fronted group a-la Nightwish, Leaves Eyes or even worse. These girls are playing music from within their hearts, and their style is based on traditional heavy metal. So, there are not operatic annoying vocals, or disco-pop moments just like latest Dimmu Borgir or Nightwish have. Jenner is quite direct, and if we just forget that there could be many +40 years old boys (who have never had a sex, not even with the Catholic priest 🙂 ), who will adore their music just because they’re nice-looking, actually we will find lots of quality in their music. And, since To live is to Suffer is their debut issue, there even much more to find and talk about…

Jenner’s music could be described as a of mixture between different, but yet close styles. There’s more than noticeable traditional note in their music, more than obvious are the speed metal riffing, but there’s also some melodic thrash influences as well. Moreover, there are some tracks of traditional heavy metal, too. So, all in all Jenner performs a kind of traditional speed (thrash) metal with a dose of NWOBHM moments. To be completely honest, I was expecting something more evil and malicious so to say, but the final product sounds more melodic, harmonic and colorful. The music has quite speed within, with some thrash riffing in between. Also, there are some guitar’s complex pieces as well. Probably The Heath Is Coming Again is the best track on the entire records, but yet each song has its own vibe and quality especially when it comes to guitars. Jenner’s mastermind Alexandra (guitars and song-writing) definitely is one of the most talented younger musicians from Serbia; not that she has a talent but she also have a vision (which is something more important) We could go even further and conclude that Jenner could be easily labeled as a sort of girl-answer to earlier works of Megadeth and probably there’s some truth hidden within.

If you are searching here for more brutal riffing parts, you are on a wrong place. These girls are just different style-wise, this is more for the melodic and even lovers of more complex, but still heavier stuff. Vocals are still wrapped in the style of a girl-answer to Megadeth, which actually goes with the style, so definitely do not search here for some aggressive screams. The drums are very important part of music as well, since they follow the complex guitars’ work. The production is quite bombastic and clear; its quite weird actually how I have learned myself to rawer sound these days, but yet the production perfectly goes with their efforts. Well, it could be maybe interesting to have some rawer feelings, but, as you know, this is just my personal taste which is usually wrong 🙂

If we just forget for a moment or two that Jenner belongs to all-girl bands, we will find lots of quality and interesting details in their debut album. To Live is to Suffer is a perfectly issue to start with, for one debut album. Actually, what I find here even more interesting is the next step, next full-length from Alexandra & co. Since there was quite a successful  debut offering it will be interesting to see how the music will develop in (near) future. Will it be more complex stuff, or the things will become simpler?  Anyway, if you have some time to spare for a promising newcomer from Serbia I truly recommend you to give a chance to these girls (if you are a true gentleman 🙂 )

  • Inferno Records CD
  • Marko Miranovic  

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