VISIGOTH Conqueror’s Oath

690074The Revenant King was the well-crafted debut offering from Visigoth (US) and already their first issue was such a great record. Still I do remember their opening track entitled as the album and the video done for it. Such a heavy metal hymn! So, we were indeed curious what will happened with their second effort and how the band will improved themselves. And only what I have to add is that they have made even better record!

When it comes to Visigoth’s brand new issue Conqueror’s Oath each song is a well crafted and shaped jewel. From the very opening tune to the last one. Of course, Warrior’s Queen stands as the best one (the video has been already done for this track), but all the other tracks have the same vibe. Of course, Visigoth performs traditional old school heavy metal NWOBHM in the best form. Altogether with Eternal Champion (US) they are one of the leading bands when it comes to newer US HM scene. Its even hard to separate these two great bands since they have so much in common but, yet their styles are different as well. There’s obvious Iron Maiden’s vibe when it comes to riffing and guitar’s work of Visigoth, but the vocals are different. They are not so pitch-high as one could imagine, but they more playing on stronger role. Each song has a strong refrains, but also middle parts are interesting as well. Hard to separate some favorites but lets say that that with Warrior’s Queen we could add Traitor’s Gate and Hammerforged, too.

I am already pretty sure that we have one of the best album in 2018 altogether with Tribulation’s latest issue. Visigoth proved themselves to be one of the best and the most promising newcomers around. Their brand new full-length has everything, all quality and good taste for old school stuff.  If you’re lover of NWOBHM then this jewel is surly for you. High recommended!

  • Metal Blade CD
  • Marko Miranovic (9)

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