THE CROWN Where My Grave Shall Stand

The Crown are just about to issue their forthcoming 9th full-length Cobra Speed Venom for Metal Blade Records. One think is for sure this time Swedes recorded much better material than previous album was. A brand new record will be released at 16th March, but already one could check out their two video clips on-line and we have also decided to have one interview with The Crown for the very first time finally to present the band on Metal Sound pages. 

Hello there and welcome to Metal Sound pages! How is going these days with The Crown?

Hullo, things are going just fine with the Crown these days thank you! We have a real good feeling about this new album that we will release next month.

The Crown is just about to issue its 10th full-length Cobra Speed Venom so please what could you say us about your forthcoming record? 

I count this album as our 9th album (I obviously count Crowned In Terror/Crowned Unholy as 1 album). The new album is to me a real good one. This album is passionate with a lot of energy and we did the music we wanted to hear ourselves. If you have played and listened to this kind of music for almost 30 years it can sometimes be a challenge to find that spark that gives you that kick again. I think we somehow managed to find that on this album. Hopefully others can get that kind of kick from it as well.

Could you compare the upcoming offering of The Crown with your previous issues? Are there elements from previous albums in one way or another? 

Yes and no, this is not a nostalgic retro-trip, it is a brand new album, marching forward to new horizons. With new line-up that is really hot. But also we have a long history with this band and we have deep and strong roots that go way back. In the first track for example; Destroyed By Madness, does actually contain a riff that goes back to rehearsal tapes of 1990, also it does contain a nod to Electric Night from the Hell is Here album as well as many brand new elements. This makes a really strong foundation to build new stuff on, that newer bands maybe don’t have in the same way. There are some punk influences on this album that may have some parallells to the Hell Is Here album, but the overall feeling is Very Metal with great production. I think both old and new fans can appreciate this album.

As a matter of fact The Crown has also done latest video-clip in order to promote the latest effort so what could you tell us about the filming of this video? Could it represent the upcoming newer material? 

Yeah, we have actually shot 2 videos. Iron Crown was the first song we rehearsed for this album and it kind of set the vibe for the rest of the album, very to the point, so it was a natural choice as first single/video. It was filmed at an old Metal foundry established in 1875 or something. So it was a dramatic setting with lots of free special effects for us, extreme heat, fire, molten metal, smoke, sparks and chains. The other video Cobra Speed Venom is more a Classic performance video with some really nice footage of the band. Both these videos were done by Christoffer Tönnäng a young talented Jedi filmmaker. He has also done the video for Iblis Bane with live clips.

Who has done the cover artwork this time (looks quite familiar with one famous metal artist)? What would you like to express by the cover artwork and the visual side of the brand new album?

It was done by the excellent artist Christian Sloan Hall. He wanted to make a really detailed cover that you could watch for hours while listening to the music. We would like the art to express our vision of our music, so it has that foundation in the Classic Death and thrash Metal scene, but with our own fresh touch, I would like to think of the album cover like a mix between Altars of Madness and Master of Puppets… Both Traditional and original.

Actually, what does it hide under the title of the album Cobra Speed Venom? What could you say about the lyrical background this time? What sort of topics did you employed this time? 

The lyrical theme is apocalyptic. The times we live in carry all the signs of the end-times you can say, Kali-Yuga. So we have written some lyrics about that. The lyrics to Cobra Speed Venom is about the end approaching like a great tidal wave sucking in all the fear and hate and making the wave even greater.

Where did you record Cobra Speed Venom and who was the producer? The production sounds quite impressive by the way…

Thank you! I agree fully, the production is awesome! It was recorded at studio Fredman by Fredrik Nordström himself. The best studio/producer we have here around for Metal! It was a very honest and Classic recording process. I love it!

Do you already plan some tour dates across Europe and do you plan to appear already at some festivals in EU here and there? 

Yeah some concerts are already booked and some are in the process. We will have to see how things play out. Eventhough the band is a Very important part of our lives we are not on the level that we do this full-time so we all have jobs and families so that’s something we have to work around with. But I am sure we can find acceptable solutions.

Are you satisfied by the first reaction when it comes to brand new album since there are already some reviews and comments for the latest video, too? 

Yeah, it seems like there is a great reception so far on this album. I’d love to read more reviews as the album is released, both from fans and journalists. Feels like we are relevant to the scene, like we are establishing our Name again!

I would like to thank you for the interview and I wish to see The Crown during this year as soon as possible! Best of luck!

Thank you for the interview and for your support! Let’s Go Cobra!

  • Answers by Magnus Olsfelt
  • Interview by Marko Miranovic

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