SUMMONING With Doom We Come

a3083907648_10I’ve to admit that I just needed some more time to focus on the latest offering from one of my favorite bands. Well, its true that their latest effort is not their best release, but still there’s quality within, and Summoning has proved once more that they’re quite better than any other clone of their unique style. So, its better to have one record from Summoning in 5 or 7 years than to listen countless (unsuccessful) copies around. Well, some of these copies could be enjoyable just for a day or two, but at the end, everything’s become annoying as still more and more Summoning’s clones arrive each day…

With Doom We Come stands as a musical sequel to their previous record Old Mornings Dawn, but yet their newer stuff is calmer and obviously less innovative. Definitely, I am quite sure that there are some songs that are belonging to Old Morning Dawn’s era, but they were just not acceptable at that moment of creativity of previous album. Moreover, there was in one moment talking about the possible mini CD, so there’s one more reason. The latest full-length actually starts with Tar-Calion the opener which is quite promising, pompeous and original. This is a sort of their usual soundtrack-like longer instrumentals  (with theatrical speech) and with malicious atmosphere that’s has a duty of the gate-entrance to musical soundscape of various Summoning’s albums. And, it turned once more to be quite effective, and so its the next track Silvertine. This is one more good written gem from Tolkien inspired Austrian duo, but after this song, everything become more or less very the same so you’ll need some time to find the difference between each song. All these songs are good-written stuff but they’re just too same. Of course, each song has its own vibe like Night Fell Behind or Herumur and there are layers and layers of well-hidden keyboards and orchestration in each track (sometimes vocals, too), but still somehow there could be much more difference. And, at the end of the entire album, the band once more gloriously returns with a hymn With Doom I Come, where they added some new and fresh musical elements…of course as the closing track it sounds quite monumental with a sort of melancholic touch.

The main problem remains: Summoning has found something like ”a perfect” style for their music since Oath Bound (2006) with rawer (standard black metal) sound of guitars, layers of keyboards and orchestration, and with the mix (or balance) between black metal vocals and chanting parts so there’s no more place for the albums like Let the Mortals Heroes Sing Your Fame (2001) or Stronghold (1999) with different sound of guitars and production, or with the different atmosphere, too. The band has somehow lost the innovation (or maybe even motivation)…for like 5 years of waiting I’ve to say that I was expecting something more although that the newer stuff sounds quite enjoyable…

  • Napalm Records CD
  • Marko Miranovic (8,5)


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