NECROPHOBIC Mark of the Necrogram

686999After five years of waiting finally a brand new issue from Necrophobic is here and it could not be better! These Swedes has just succeed to blow me away one morning during this winter-time. A perfect record for a snow time. Necrophibic succeed to deliver one offering which is in the same time both very brutal, but also quite melodic, so the final product sounds very explosive and bombastic.

I’m following Necrophobic since 90s, actually since their record Darkside (1997). Perhaps their previous album wasn’t the best, but they have made with Mark of the Necrogram such a comeback! It was worth of waiting for five years to have such a good-written material. The album starts with the bombastic offering Mark of the Necrogram, already within the opening track one could witness the explosion of energy and quality. I think that those two words perfectly explain the new offering from Necrophobic. Each song has its own vibe, but yet there’s the link with the same vibe: the quality and the energy. The riffing’s typical for the most explosive Swedish melodic death bands from the 90s. If this record was released during the 90s it would be a bomb, but anyhow any fan of Necrophobic will enjoy in their latest issue. Its indeed interesting thing that each song is written in very bombastic way, and that each song has somehow different riffing and guitar’s work than the previous one, so during already the first listening of the album you will be completely astonished how innovative these Swedes could sound. The songs are very brutal sometimes, with very aggressive drumming machinery in the backgound, but anyway, there could be sudden eruption of energetic and melodic guitar’s moments. These parts even more level the atmosphere and quality of the offering.

I am still wrapped in the vibes of Mark of the Necrogram. I’ll surly enjoy it for days to come. Necrophobic in 2018 simply posses something that the other bands do not have anymore (just for example take a new Dimmu Borgir song). Sometimes its hard to explain by any words, but let the music speaks for itself. While the other bands are trying to be slower, these days Necrophobic has just offered something heavier, faster and more vivid. High recommended especially if you are follower of Sweden death metal scene. This one surly is a blast!

  • Century Media CD 
  • Marko Miranovic (8,5)

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