Rhapsody/Beast in Black/Scarlet Aura Budapest 08.03.2018.

As a matter of fact this was the 5th time that I was able to see Rhapsody live in all its forms and I am sorry to say, that this is, as far as it seems, the last time. Already for sometime Luca Turilli, Fabio Lione, Alex Holtzwald & co. were doing this kind of farewell shows so it was a time to see them. Its pity perhaps I couldn’t track them at least for one more show, but yet now its too late. The show in Budapest was sold out so it was crowded by the fans, many one them arriving from different countries. So, the venue which is quite large, was full of metal heads that were waiting to the final assault of symphonic, fantasy masters Rhapsody (of Fire)…

In fact, since I have done one longer interview and chat with Luca Turilli I complete missed the opening act Scarlet Aura. I’ve just arrived at the concert hall when Beast in Black has started to play. Anyway, it was a nice time to relax, to have a chat with a friend, since the band was quite uninteresting, at least to me. Seems like some sort of these modern heavy bands that are popping up each day. I guess that Orden Ogan and suchful could be the best reference. You know, they sounded like all these bands that I always try to avoid…

But, anyway the time has come for (mighty warriors of light) Rhapsody to arrive on stage and they took the stage by storm since the opening act was Dawn of Victory. The sound was quite a good one, they are experienced and great musicians, so from my point of view, everything was just perfect. They played more or less all the songs from their first five records, including some moments when they played some songs just for the sake of  fun.

I think that they played the entire Symphony of the Enchanted Lands I album and yet there was just one song from the debut album Land of Immortals which was such a pity since I really adore Legendary Tales. But, anyway it was amazing to hear some more complex songs like The Dark Tower of the Abyss or Symphony of the Enchanted Lands which is quite long and complex track. Also, there were few songs from Dawn of Victory era like Village of the Dwarfs and Holy Thunderforce. Moreover, they including even two songs from EP Rain of The Thousand Flames which was quite cool. And the finale was of course reserved for Emerald Sword hymn (so, where was Warrior of Ice 🙂 ).

All in all, it was a night to remember, and I have to repeat myself again, it seems that its the last time that even Luca has played these songs live. Why and how it has come to this you could read in the last interview with Luca about Rhapsody that I’ve done. Yet, I still deeply hope that they will (somehow, by any chance) appear on Wacken  at least for a very last time. If you believe deeply in miracles they could happened 🙂

  • Marko Miranovic


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