Satyricon/Suicide Angels Budapest Durer Kert 20.03.2018.

Well, it was a truly a night to remember since during one evening there were two concerts at one place (my favorite one in Budapest club Durer Kert, near Keleti Station) so it was a feeling that I was as some kind of indoors metal meeting. Moreover, of four bands that performed during that night I loved 3 of them. So, in a way, it was very hard to catch up with everything’s going on, since this evening has begone first with the interviews sessions and later continued with 3 marvelous shows. Anyway, I was not able only to watch Suicide Angles since I was doing the interviews with Tribulation and Insomnium…


David Bodnar Photography

Just right after Tribulation have finished their show legendary Norwegian black metal troop Satyricon has started their own. Well, I am quite divided when it comes to Satyricon’s performance since it was indeed worth to be heard (and seen) and there’s no doubt that Satyr, Frost & co. delivered one great performance with lots of professionalism. The sound was perfect, the venue full of crowd, all ages it seems…But, as you already might guessed the set-list was not something that I complete adored. More or less, there were newer tracks, some from a brand new stuff, some from recent albums that I’ve not even checked out properly.

Ok, I’ve to admit that To my Brethern in the Dark and moreover Deep Calleth Upon Deep were sounding quite cool since both are well-done songs. But, I’ve also to add that I did not even recognize some of the ”newer” stuff played that night. But, anyway since Satyricon played most of the songs that are very well-known since they were even videos filmed  for them, I mostly enjoyed all set-list in one way or another. Of course, first three albums are the best records and the most important albums not only for Satyricon but also for the entire Norwegian black metal scene. And, of course, they did not played anything from Shadowthrone, and yet they offered Walk the Path of Sorrow and Mother North which was worth enough. But, yet I understand Satyr why and how has come to this since there were a lot of people in the crowd who didn’t even react to Walk the Path of Sorrow, sad but true…Anyhow, some songs from Now, Diabolical were quite enjoyable.

David Bodnar Photography

All in all, the show was quite delightful, long, very professional with the great venue full of people. I’ll travel to the end of the world if I need to here at least one more time Mother North or something even older. Hope, that next time they could include some more stuff from their first three records or at least Filthgrinder from ”infamous” 4th full-length. Anyway, since I have watched them last time at Summer Breeze 2016 where Satyr and Frost offered the entire Nemesis Divina opus I could not complain that much. Perhaps, in the (near) future, they could made a tour only with the tracks from the 90s era, just for the sake of the olden times… 🙂

  • Marko Miranovic 

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