Insomnium/Tribulation Budapest Durer Kert 20.03.2018.

It was one of the craziest nights that I’ve witness. I mean, we have just arrived at the venue from the train (from Belgrade) and I already needed to start the interviews and meetings with the bands from 18:00. The evening has started with the interview with Tribulation and just 30 minutes later continued with the chat with Insomnium. And, as soon as I’ve finished the interview with Insomnium (we have done it in the concert hall) we needed to left, since Tribulation were prepared to hit the stage 🙂

I’ve to admit that the most important show that night, to me, was Tribulation one. Since I have for the very first time heard their The Children of the Night album few years ago I have become addicted to the band and their unique visual and musical style. Since they were a support act of Insomnium they performed only seven songs but it was worth of traveling from Belgrade to Budapest. Tribulation started the show with Lady Death which is a short song from their latest effort Down Below, but soon after they delivered Nightbound and the atmosphere started to warm up. Of course, for the closing of the show they delivered the most popular songs (since the videos were also filmed for those two tracks) The Lament and Strange Gateways Beckon. It was time when the crowd was the craziest one. In between they also delivered two more tracks from previous full-length Melancholia and In the Dreams of the Dead. The venue was half-full when Tribulation played, but yet it seems that their fans are very devoted ones. Also, the show has started at 19:20 and I guess that this has also played a little part and the people were already preparing to get a better place for Satyricon’s performance which was just right about to begin in the other Durer Kert’s hall.

After Satyricon has finished their performance the show of Insomnium has started in the same hall where Tribulation has played. Although that I am not quite aware on the entire discography of this band from Finland I own their CD One For Sorrow and moreover I think that it’s classy record. The band remains me a lot old Sentenced and old Amorphis at least with their effort One For Sorrow. This time the venue was full, and the performance of Insomnium was quite a cool one. I’ve to admit that the band has definitely something to deliver upon the gathering masses. Each song was very nice and at least they performed one from One For Sorrow CD, which was a nice pick for me 🙂 There’s no doubt they are professionals, and I have to check out some of their other records more properly as soon as I get some time.

So, all in all, it was quite a night. I was unable to stand after so many events that took the place that evening at Durer Kert ,my favorite place in Budapest, so it was more than welcome that they have a place to have a seat down and to take a drink after the shows 🙂 All that I needed after this furious evening was a piece of rest… 🙂

  • Marko Miranovic 

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