LIK Celebration of the Twisted

Lik is Swedish death metal band that celebrates the glory days of their homeland through unashamed worship of HM2 infused DM filth and they have just unleashed their second gull length entitled Carnage on the unsuspecting world. Their drummer Chris Barkensjö is here to tell us all about it…

Greetings Lik and welcome to the pages of Metal Sound! How are you guys doing these days?
Hi! Thank you very much. We are doing well.

First off, I would like to congratulate you on your second full length Carnage as I feel you have surpassed Mass Funeral Evocation with it in every way! So now that everything is said and done how do you feel about the album, is there something you would change?
Thank you for the kind words. We are very proud and satisfied with how “Carnage” turned out & wouldn´t want to change anything.

The album title is Carnage and the music has ultimate Dismember feel, can we see this release as a tribute to old glory days of Swedish death metal? What is your take on originality in death metal?
Yes of course we pay tribute to the creators of Swedish death metal. And especially Dismember whom we have the utmost love and respect for. I prefer the old school style of death metal and as for originality I´m not sure what you mean by that? But death metal to me should be gritty, sludgy and have a violent vibe both musically and lyrically.

Can you compare Carnage with your debut, is there some notable differences between the two in your opinion?
I would say that we stepped it up a few notches with “Carnage”. With “Mass funeral evocation” we found our sound and got to know each other musically. Which might be noticeable here and there on the album? But with “Carnage” we really found our way in every sense. The sound is maybe the biggest difference if you ask me. But also the songs are a bit more catchy perhaps?

Can you tell us how did you get into the contact with Metal Blade and how are you satisfied with your cooperation with them so far?
It was Nille who through contacts found Ula from Clandestine music which helped us out. A great guy in every way. He looked through some offers that we got and thought that Metal Blade would be best for us. And he was so correct. Metal Blade has been awesome in every way. They have the same passion for music as us. So it´s a perfect match.

I guess that the lyrical themes for Carnage are standard for death metal but I have to ask you one thing… Dr Dushanka as it Serbian name, can you tell us something more about that song?
It´s a twisted story beyond belief, based on a true story. It needed a gruesome name. And Dr. Duschanka has nice “evil doctor” feel to it I think.

I have seen that Carnage was released on May 4th which is international Star Wars day, was this just coincidence or it was done on purpose? Are you fans of this franchise and how do you like the new movies?
It was a fortunate coincidence for sure. We are fans of the original Star Wars, old school as we are hahahaha!

Carnage was recorded with Lawrence Mackrory and Daniel Bergstrand and it carries that wonderful filthy HM2 sound, can you tell us something about the recording process of the album?
We recorded with Lawrence as usual. Daniel helped with some stuff before we hit the rec button. Then he left for some well earned rest. He is a hard working fella that man. I have worked with him on both the records I´ve done with Witchery and he is great in every sense.
We went with the same procedure as before, tracking drums and rhythm guitars together live just to get that live feeling as much as possible. We don´t mess around with click tracks and such. Then after that is done it´s bass, solos and vocals. Then Lawrence put down his magic and wraps it up in the only way he can. Pure perfection, at least to us it is.

Now that Katatonia is on hiatus I guess that Lik will have more time for touring, are there already some plans on that field?
We are working hard on that matter. And it´s looking good for the fall I must say. But nothing that can be revealed at the moment, so stay tuned on to our social media platforms.

Can you tell us your top 5 favorite death metal albums from your homeland, and also some band that deserved to make it bigger than they did?
“Like an everflowing stream”, Indecent & Obscene”, “Left hand path”, “Clandestine” & “Unorthodox”. Edge of sanity deserved more attention than they had for sure.

Do you think that there is a place for Lik in today’s overcrowded world of death metal, would you say that mass internet coverage made it easier for underground death metal?
Absolutely, no doubt about it. People really seem to like and miss the old school death metal era quite a lot. Considering the attention and response that we have received. About the social media coverage. Yes it helps out a lot for the underground of today. I do agree thou that it is an overcrowded genre. It´s not underground in the way it used to be for natural reasons of course. But then again it´s easier for bands to record themselves these days. But I guess it´s a good thing that death metal is so alive and well as it is at the moment.

What lies in the near future for Lik, are there perhaps some plans for the new music?
We are constantly writing stuff. We have a bunch of ideas both lyrically and riff wise lying around. So the “factory” is always producing.

That would be all for this chat, I would like to thank you for your time and wish you all the best! Your last message to Serbian readers…
Make sure to get a copy of our music and support us on our platforms.
See you on the road.
Thank you for showing interest in LIK.

  • Questions by Slobodan Trifunovic
    Answers by Chris Barkensjö

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