Primordial/Moonsorrow/Der Weg Einer Freiheit, Budapest 23.04.2018. Barba Negra

Well, all I could say about this particular show (Heathen Crusade)  is that it was a pagan spectacle, perhaps one of the highlights of the first part of 2018! Everything was perfect, the sound, the audience, the venue and of course, the atmosphere! Just in a same time it was very hot, full of high spirits but also, in a weird way, so relax and cool. Heathen Crusade 2018 was something that any true fan of more serious, so to say, pagan metal should not miss…

As usually we’ve arrived at the venue earlier around 17h to have interviews with both highlight bands Moonsorrow and Primordial. So, if you’re following our page expect in next few days two great interviews with both bands. As soon as we have finished our time with the bands we’ve entered the venue, focusing on merchandise, and people has started already to gather. After buying some of the stuff the first band for that night started already to perform. Der Weg einer Freiheit ha started at 18:30 and they have delivered one quite cool show. Their music is very interesting, they do have the vibe (more black metal based I would say) and it was quite cool to hear and see one band for the very first time at the stage (since I’ve never heard them before). After them, and after a short break, Moonsorrow arrived at 19:35 and their show was actually quite a long one. I guess, that most of our readers are already aware that their tracks are longer so they just delivered 6 tunes. but such a songs that were. This was my 6th or even 7th time to have an opportunity to enjoy in Moonsorrow’s performance and probably this one was the best, both visually and sound-wise. They delivered indeed great set-list and the reaction of crowd was also marvelous. Actually, few people from the crowd were singing the entire lyrics in Finish; so I think that this explains how devoted fans they own…

So, after Moonsorrow has left the stage, and once again, after a shorter break, Primordial took the stage by the storm around 21h. They have delivered various songs, from various parts of their career. So, there were some songs in addition of promoting their latest full-length Exile Amongst the Ruins (mainly songs that already have their video presentation), but also there were some older popular hymns like Coffin Ships, Empire Falls, As Rome Burns or No Grave Deep Enough…Almost on each song the crowd reacted very eagerly and spontaneous. Actually, during the entire night the audience was quite vivid and eager to make a spontaneous reaction on each band and song. Of course, I do not need to mention that all three bands were highly professional ones, and that the sound and the performances were on very high level of quality. And, just one more curious thing Alan (the front man of Primordial) somewhere in the middle of the show has greeted us, you know, people from Serbia since he was aware during the interview that we have just arrived by train from Serbia just to watch the show and do the interviews…

So, Heathen Cruse 2018, turned out to be something indeed cool and marvelous. I’m indeed glad that i was able to witness the show of all three bands and I’m already looking forward to see and meet them on upcoming festival season where-ever they could play.

  • Marko Miranovic

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