a1051570896_10Greek epic metal heroes Battleroar are forging their name in the scene with series of mighty albums one step at a time and the fact that they have 5 full lengths in 18 years of band’s existence should tell you that they are releasing new music only when they have something to say regardless of demands, which should tell you enough about the quality of their output. Their 5th album entitled Codex Epicus is in front of us some four years after Blood of Legends and I can tell you that the album title is more than appropriately chosen as this album is truly one epical affair, the one that will from the moment you start to listen to it take you by the throat and move you far away from everyday shit into the lands of might and magic. Codex Epicus marks the further development in musical style that was started back on its predecessor, which means that Battleroar has added a lot of additional elements in their classic heavy metal attack. The violin is not that present this time around but there are a lot of choirs, keyboards and even acoustic elements that may even remind you of Viking era of Bathory or Manowar but I would say that this album stays firmly in realm of epic heavy metal. This album is the second appearance of Gerrit Mutz on Battleroar’s albums and I must say that he has adjusted his voice greatly to demands of this atmospheric music, which means he does not use his standard gruff delivery from his main band Sacred Steel but he instead sounds very tragic and telltale. It should be also said that Mark Shelton of Manilla Road fame made his second guest appearance for Battleroar: he does the guest vocals and guitar for Sword Of The Flame track which continues the role that he has started on the track The Wanderer from 2005’s Age of Chaos album. Codex Epicus is mainly in mid tempo and even reaching the doom like territories but without taking away the metal kick that this music needs, but maybe it will put the nerves of more nervous listeners to the test… No reason to anyway as Codex Epicus turned out to be one more worthy addition in Battleroar’s canon as I have already stated. So the final conclusion is that if you enjoy bands such as old legends Cirith Ungol, Manilla Road, Omen, Brocas Helm or new heroes such as Atlantean Kodex, Holy Martyr or Doomsword, Codex Epicus will be one of your favorites for this year. Up the hammers – hail and kill!

  • Trifunovic Slobodan (8)
  • Cruz Del Sur Music CD

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