Cor-Scorpii-Ruin-01-500x500Unique creation of never forgotten Walfar called Windir is still missed all around the metal globe but there are two bands that are still carrying the torch of Sognametal among the fans. Of course, Vreid is more popular among them but we should not forget about the troop of former Windir keyboard player Gaute Refsnes entitled Cor Scorpii. Truth be told, Cor Scorpii truly works at snail pace as their debut album Monument was unleashed exactly one decade ago but finally their second offering Ruin has arrived so let’s see what do we have here… Maybe this album is not released at proper time of year as its cold style make one envision cold landscapes of their homeland Norway instantly but joking aside, Ruin really goes hand in hand with Windir’s output. Vreid has departed from this sound a bit with their black’n’roll approach and it seems to me that Cor Scorpii is more dedicated to keep that unique sound of metal. I would say that this is perhaps the greatest strength of Ruin, that majestic and melodic icy black metal atmosphere can be felt throughout the whole course of Ruin and you will know what I mean from the moment the opening song Svart Blod (Hovmod står for fall) starts blasting from your speakers. It seems to me that comparing to debut album, Cor Scorpii learned how to write their songs more fluidly but there are not some obvious highlights that will blow you away. Both guitar and keyboard work will make you feel the vibes from albums like Artnor and female vocals seals the deal up: Ruin is great nostalgic reminder of golden days of Windir and similar bands of this scene like Borknagar or Vintersorg so if this is your thing make sure to check Ruin out. Anyway, albums of this ilk are today extremely rare and should be sought out whenever you can…

  • Slobodan Trifunovic (7)
  • Dark Essence Records CD

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