BATTLEROAR Epic Metal to The End!

Well, since Metal Sound is already known by supporting traditional heavy metal bands I guess that it was just time to have review and interview that will include Battleroar on our pages. Of course, quite a big role there was played since the band did not released any latest offerings so i guess 2018 was the right time after all to host them on our pages. 

Battleroar has just issued its brand new effort Codex Epicus so please present your latest full-length from your point of view to readers of Metal Sound?
Yes. After 4 years, we managed to complete our 5th album after hard working on it for something like a year.

If you could to choose which song represents the album in the best way when it comes to your latest offering Codex Epicus? And what was the aim and the message that you would like to send with your music and style?

It is really difficult to choose and separate one song among all of them, but maybe, the song Chronicles of Might could represent the album better and give an idea to the people of what we are talking about, which is more or less, that you need to fight in your life to achieve big thing and chase glory.

Well, since this is the first interview that we have with Battlerorad and since the band is already very known it would be nice if you could just introduce shortly our readers with Battleroar? In fact you’re quite active during last 15 years with 5 full-lengths…

Well, we exist, since 2000. We have indeed, released 5 full length albums, already. We have made dozens of shows all over Europe and worked together with great musicians. We like what we do and even after many changes on the line up since the beginning, we are here to keep on creating the music we like!

As a matter of fact Codex Epicus is your 5th full-length so please tell us something more about your previous albums. The debut one was released in 2003, some 15 years ago so one thing is for sure you are not a newcomer!

Definitely, we have a bit of experience anymore…yes, after the debut, we released Age of Chaos in 2005, To Death and Beyond in 2008 and Blood of Legends in 2014.

There was a 4 year-distance between your previous record and a new one Codex Epicus, what was the reason for not-so-short pause with the records?
Mainly, because of everyday life and day jobs. Add to that, the financial crisis of our days that leaves no free time at all and of course the time its needed to create new music with new members… then, it goes slower than it should.

From your own point of view what was the best album of Battleroar and which one is dearest to you?
Another really difficult question… To be honest, I can not choose a favorite. All of them, have a special magic to me… all of them feel equal to my heart cause I have put a small part of my soul in each one. So, each one feels like the …best one to me.

The cover artwork for a brand new issue Codex Epicus looks quite nice. So, please tell us how has done it?
The cover artwork has been made by Vagelis Petikas and Revolver Design under my guidance, in a concept I had in mind and we cleared out with Vagelis.

Could you name any influences when it comes to Battleroar, some bands that have obviously influenced you to write some songs, some albums or even to form the style of the band from the beginning?
Definitely, we have been influenced from bands like Manilla Road, Manowar, Running Wild, Omen, Bathory, Bolt Thrower and a lot more from the epic sound. But also, from classic ones like Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest etc.

And, for the end could you unveil us some more details about the scene from Greece? You have there so many festivals, great bands and many metal-heads as well…
Well, it feels nice to see that quite some people in our country are interested in Heavy Metal! That keeps the scene alive and it makes it flourishing! It was not always like this but it s really promising to see young people creating new bands and participating in the whole metal scene!

I would like to thank you for the interview and I wish you the very best. I hope to see you soon somewhere live 🙂
Thank you too and I hope we will come to play in your beautiful country one day! EPIC METAL TO THE END!

  • Interview by Marko Miranovic

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