AMORPHIS Queen of Time

699772A brand new offering from Amorphis sounds incredibly good, refreshing but also somehow nostalgic… Well, after the return of Olli-Pekka Laine the final link is there, the circle is complete, so in a way latest Amorphis sounds something that could easily stand between Barren Earth and newer Amorphis. So, the old core is there again with (good-old) Esa Holopainen, Olli-Pekka Laine and Tomi Kouivussari and one could truly hear that in the sound of their latest material. So, if only Mr.Kouivussari could do some ”chanting” as well it would be more then welcome after all these years of ”silence”…

I am quite aware that their new album is not The Karelian Isthmus or Tales From a Thousand Lakes but I think that (finally) I am once more open to accept the change since their latest effort sounds brilliant.  When it comes to Queen of Time I only dislike the cover artwork 🙂 another-wise musically observing everything stand on its place. Each song is well-crafted jewel and each song has its own vibe… In fact, the band has putted so much efforts in their latest offering since one could hear various new details from choirs to black metal vocals. Well, indeed, Daughter of Hate sounds both awesome and refreshing. But, of course there are other tracks with important details as well and perhaps Amongst the Stars could play the biggest role since the legendary and former singer of The Gathering has jointed the forces with Amorphis and made something really astonishing and inspiring. Yes, I truly hope that Anneke van Giersbergen could perform at Wacken with the rest of the band (and I also do hope that she could return one day to The Gathering as well so that ”the circle could be completed”).

There’s any particular song or tune that could present the new album from all angles but I guess that there are some that could work here and there since there’s a vibe that flows though the entire record, something like a musical concept that one could follow during each song. Its a sort of nostalgic, mournful tune, mixed with some folk influences which have been mark of Amorphis for such a long time, since the birth of their style. I also liked the orchestral stuff that they have added; it really has invoked some long-lost memories from Tales or Elegy era. I guess Heart of a Giant is the best and the most remarkable example for that.

I have to say that somehow Amorphis latest effort Queen of Time remains me on Moonspell’s Extinct record. This is one jewel that was carefully crafted and forged in the deepest dungeon where each song counts. Amorphis have succeed in something where other bands failer (like Dimmu Borgir) so they are still keeping their new and old fans together, they still have the wide respect from both fans and media. After all, I am really looking forward to see them on upcoming Wacken 2018!

  • Marko Mirnaovic
  • Nuclear Blast  CD (8,5)



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