IMMORTAL Northern Chaos Gods

immortal-northern-chaos-godsThere are various familiar, nostalgic and brilliant offerings that presents the latest full-length from Harald Nævdal’s Immortal. So, the main question still soars above and below: is this the ”real or true” Immortal that we used to have years ago, all along during glorious 90s?

Northern Chaos Gods indeed sounds as it was recorded and written just after legendary At Heart of Winter (1999) so, it seems, that Demonaz (now 48) has made a great return after almost 20 years! The music sounds really refreshing, aggressive yet with incredible melodic/melancholic touch. Moreover, there’s a nostalgic aura that soars above each tune. So, was is worth to wait for such a good record for almost 20 years? I guess, yes. Never the less, even some song-titles have those ”nostalgia” parallels. The entire record sounds quite mature, where each song, each tune or moment counts; so we’re not so surprised that Immortal’s latest offering has already picked up many good words and compliments within and over black metal circles. I mean, after all these years, where there were just a few good records coming from Norway, when most bands have already perished (for good or bad), a brand new issue from Harald Nævdal’s Immortal invokes so many remarkable memories and questions as well…

There’s a many good tune on Northern Chaos Gods. It seems that each song has it’s own vibe, but yet everything sounds so familiar and compact. Some of the songs are longer like Mighty Ravendark while there are some shorter as Into Battle Ride. Since each song has its own vibe its hard to say which one is the best or the most representative. The entire album sounds very fluid, from the first tune to the last one. There are brutal, aggressive offerings, but, also there are some more relaxing pieces that have this ”a calm before the storm” effect; perhaps the best example is a song entitled (surprisingly) Gates of Blashrykh… 🙂 

Since Mr. Harald Nævdal is almost 50 now we could only hope that he will continue to deliver such a marvelous songs and albums. Moreover, I do hope that he will be active ”live” as well and that he will be able to perform some of the older stuff from ”glorious” Immortal era, but I will have nothing against if he only play the songs from the latest offering since every song represents Immortal and good-old Norwegian black metal scene in the most brilliant way.

  • Nuclear Blast CD
  • Marko Mirnaovic (8,5)


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