564878After five years of silence Norwegian based dark metallers Aeternus have returned with perhaps one of the most matured offering that they have crafted so far. Their brand new material reflects many of their legendary stuff coming from glorious 90s. So, yes there are lot of influences coming from  the albums like …and so the Night Became (1998) or Beyond the Wondering Moon (1997)

Heathen sounds in the same time refreshing, astonishing, brutal but yet elegantly written with obvious nostalgic touch. So, yes all needed ingredients are there… The songs sound quite brutal, but not fast. Sometimes it seems that they were creating to built the atmosphere tune by tune, stone to stone, until the song reaches its climax probably with some very refreshing (quite old-school) sounding ”heavy” solo or riffing. Perhaps the best example is the opening song which could represents the entire record. I will not say that new album sounds completely as it was written in the mid of 90s, no-but, the way of sounding could re-awake some long-forgotten moments…it sounds Norwegian, it sounds just ”as it should sound”…

Aeternus was always quite known by their very unique and aggressive sound so they have archived the same atmosphere with a brand new full-length. Most of the songs have various components some taken from Norwegian black metal while there are some obvious death metal influences. Also, on the other hand, there are folk ingredients…Moreover, I particular love those relaxing and calmer riffing, it like a calm before the storm, just imagine the picture of the gathering grim, dark and fearsome storm-clouds in the distance…

Anyway, since there are not so many Norwegian bands that are still delivering (good) materials that makes Aeternus even more important…I will go any further but just compare what Dimmu Borgir has done after almost ten years and then we have such a unique and complex work coming from Aeternus…

  • Marko Miranovic (9)
  • Dark Essence CD


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