Summerbreeze 15.08.-18.08.2018 Dinkelsbühl

While we are already looking forwards Summerbreeze 2019 its time to tell a story about Summerbreeze 2018. SB went really cool this year, without any stress, or at least, with less stress as usual since we have already arrived on the festival on the opening zero day where there was a sort of an evening where mostly bands from Nuclear Blast performed. . So, after we’ve picked up press tickets we’re spending sometime around observing the ground. On a zero day only T-stage is open (the second stage so to say) so the other half of the SB ground was still closed to visitors. On the first day, since we were little tired we only checked out Paradise Lost show (perhaps a piece of Sepultura’s as well, just occasionally). Do not get me wrong, this was sixth time that I got a chance to PL live, but somehow they could deliver better show with more energy although they played some of the songs like Shadowkings or Forever Failure…focus was more obviously on a newer record.

The first day has started already at 11 o’clock in the morning with Sirenia. Morten & co. delivered quite a good show, well more focused on the latest record but never the less, the show was indeed marvelous, perhaps one of the best shows during the entire festival. The was the opening show on main stage.They putted so much energy in each song. The next one was Nervosa attack. It was on T-stage and the performance was indeed with lots of energy. These girls just now how to deliver fluid energy upon the masses. Later, we have met with the girls and have one interview and chat with them. The day continues later when we have returned to watch some evening-shows and do have the interviews. Behemoth’s show was quite astonishing since I was not so delighted with their previous two shows, this was with more passion and the better choosing and delivering of the songs. Well, when it comes to Powerwolf, I do not know, to much crowd, and I am not a fan of the band, but still the atmosphere was great…anyways this was the last one for that evening since we were once again too tired.

The second day was again a different story. I cannot exactly recall that morning we met with guys from Ereb Altor to have an interview and there was a show of Orden Ogan during the day. I am not much fan of a band but I recognize most of their songs. But, the rest of my team Jurgen Frickinger was on Amaranthe and Orden Ogan. I was sharping myself for the evening shows. So, the evening has started with At the Gates show and they delivered one really cool concert and yet lots of people were there and just after them we choose to see Vreid live on Camela stage (this is the third stage). A good show, such a loss that I have not the interview with them, too. The band comes from Norway and they’re playing very well, a style combines several styles such as heavy or thrash metal obviously with a fine dose of Norwegian black metal’s sound. And, then we have focused ourselves on the main stage until the end of the night. Arch Enemy was spectacle, lots of crowd, good performance, they offered most of their most popular songs… Satyricon was a bit different obviously, with less people around but still the show was quite good, I enjoyed it much. There was some new stuff, something older…well, this was the second time to see them during the same year and I guess the 5th time. But, Turisas show was something that we found to be more astonishing. First I never expected so much crowd that will gathered, then the show was quite original, there was pouring a lot of energy, crazy appearance, definitely they have made such a comeback…

The third day unfortunately was the less successful one. We started with Einherjer’s show on T-stage where they delivered mostly their newer stuff. Later we got one interview with the guys. Then Orphaned Land have a good one on Camela stage. They just know how to move the crowd. And we were all the day waiting for WASP to take the stage, but their show was not the most successful one. First there was far to less people that anyone has expected, and second they show was less interesting so to say. They played only some new stuff with only 4-5 older songs from their earlier career. Do not get me wrong but when they do them they were sounding great. And the crowd was completely without energy… Pity that we have missed the rest of the bands for that night (uh, better not to remember what names I missed but life goes on 🙂 ) We needed to comeback earlier that night for some personal issues…

This was our 4th Summerbreeze and we have such a great time. If not the best it was the most relaxed and most organized festival. So, I could only tell that we have really enjoyed in it!

  • Marko Miranovic
  • Photo by Jurgen Frickinger


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