AETERNUS The Sword of Retribution

Well, after 5 years of silence, Aeternus, Norwegian based dark troop, have returned once again with perhaps one of the strongest offerings that they have ever made. On 12th October Aeternus will issue their brand new full-length Heathen though Dark Essence Records. We’ve already published the review for their brand new offering here and, of course, I took the chance to have one interview with the mastermind of the band Ares…anyway we would like to recommend their upcoming record Heathen to any lover of Norwegian dark sound…the quality of the forthcoming material is obvious!

Hello Ares! First I would like to give you my compliment since Aeternus latest record is indeed a great piece of work! Congratulations! Well, its too early to say but this could be one of the best ever offerings from Aeternus….Hey man. Thank you very much sir for that nice compliment. We are very satisfied with the new album.

There has passed like five years since your previous record …and the Seventh His Soul Detesteth. Why there was such a long pause between new and previous material? I just need time I guess, making new stuff. I am sickening picky and I guess if you ask the other brothers in the band: Slow. Haha. Yes, it’s been years, I wanna work faster and I shall try, but I have to take my time and I gotta be sure I make good enough material so it can be worthy a recording and a release. Just the way it is.

Ok, lets turn towards the latest offering. Please, could you present Heathen from your own point of view? It seems that there is this ”returning vibe” when it comes to latest offering so one could track elements long way down to …and so the Night Become or even earlier? Well yes, I simply had the idea of having the good old sound back and that along with the fact that I went back in time with some riffs and atmospheres was in my opinion an excellent thing. It really worked out. Also the vocals this time was more to the point, more in the face, stronger, rawer and more heavy. So with that and the successful attempt og being somewhat original as well we made a damn nice album. Not very long, but I personally like that fact a lot.

Moreover, you have added some really refreshing ”heavy” moments in the music which I personally really like (and it seems it works, it sounds so old-school :). How did you get this idea? I guess that the opening track is the best example for this. Hmmm, not sure where you hear these heavy moments, I hear them all the way through. Haha. When I make music I just try to have a somewhat solid structure and good riffs that works together. Fast or heavy or melodic….as long as it works together it’s all good. Whether or not it’s spread out in one song or between many…I try to avoid boring sections, like a simple riff with no melody or vocals or interesting drumming (Phobos helps me there a lot sometimes, like on “…Retribution” after about 50 secs in.) Beyond that I just try to make good music. Good extreme and melodic music. Dark Metal!

You know, it alike ever-raging storm including your brutal-like vocals…any comments about this…the album is not fast in the sense of being ”fast”… Naaahh, we’re not like into any sort of style withing metal being idiotically fast or anything. Yes, there’s many fast riffs in Aeternus and parts of songs are fast, but it was never a goal. Fast shit is cool, sure…. However, this album has little of that compared to other releases I dare say. This is also on purpose. Every single riff and melody and rhythm and beat and speed, everything, was well thought through and “tested”.

In fact, there are also few folk elements perfectly combined into your style. Well, this is not the first time. You’ve been already know by adding and even having folk based project so to say…Yes, this is true. This is also a part of the journey back in time and it’s awesome. You speak of course of the song “Boudica” first and foremost. When we got all that alright I KNEW this was something for all them folks who tells us or me: “I stopped listening to you guys in 199 man, sorry!” ….which is cool, I can’t make ppl like what we do and if ppl don’t like a new release or our involvement, well it’s their right to say it’s not their thing. Ok, so yes…..”Boudica” takes us back for sure. The song “Hedning” as well and it’s awesome. It’s tricky to find that atmosphere with how I write music these days and the riffs I want and my style and all. Cuz one changes over the years right?! However, it was a success

What could you say us about the lyric this time? Some songs are written in Norwegian while the others are in English. So, what could you tell us about the lyrical background when it comes to album Heathen? Our lyrical master and author, Vgandr, (Helheim, Taake) has explanations for each song, but I haven’t gotten them yet. I asked for it not long ago so that’s my fault. Ok, I can say a tiny bit about: “Hedning” – is a song about a heathen. “Boudica” is about the warrior Queen Boudica. She was a queen of the British Celtic Iceni tribe who led an uprising against the occupying forces of the Roman Empire in AD 60 or 61. “Illah Mayyit” is about what Islam does to ISIS (First and foremost, more or less). Beyond this there is an overall anti religious expression through the rest of the songs more or less.

Last time when I was having a chance to see Aeternus performing it was in 2000…how I do travel a lot, I am present on various festivals, so is there a chance for a tour or for any festival meetings here and there? Hopefully we’ll get our asses around next year to play here and there. 😀

What could you tell us about the line up now? Who is in the band/ Were they active in any other bands? Well it’s me, Ares. Active in Aeternus only. Phobos (Drums) is besides Aeternus active when needed in Gorgoroth. He has his own band Gravdal as well, not active these days, but more dorment I guess until hell on earth is unleashed or something. (Blackmetal explanation, of course) Eld, (bassist) plays bass also in Gaahls Wyyrd and has his own band as well called Krakow where he also is the lead singer. All active.

Ares, I would like tot hank you for the interview and for your great music. Some of your albums have special place in my collection. I am looking forward to meet you and see you somewhere live! Thank you sir and thank you for your support and fine words. We’ll meet. For sure. Thanks and good night!

  • Answers by Ares
  • Interview by Marko Miranovic

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