NERVOSA Never Forget, Never Repeat

One of the first shows that we had a chance to see at Summerbreeze 2018 was Nervosa one. Actually, these three girls played around noon at T-stage just right after Sirenia. Later, during the same day we got a chance to meet with them and to have one interview and chat, well the first one on Metal Sound pages…so there we go with one of the most famous bands from Brasil in this particular moment.

For the very first time, we’re here with the girls from Nervosa. Since this is the first interview for the metal sound, could you please tell us something about yourself, three albums ahead, how did you started? We are trio from Brazil, just girls. We started in 2010. We are having a tour here in Europe like every year. We have three albums and one of them is released 2 months ago, so now we’re promoting it.

About the latest record, could you present it from your point of view? This time we have a new drummer. We are more death metal now, since she played death metal before. We have blast beats on every song, even faster than we had on the other albums. Of course, we’re still thrash metal in it’s essence. We have a really great production in Brazil, a producer from Belgium. It’s probably our favorite album, we’re so happy with it.
What would you like to present with the cover artwork of the album?
We are just a trio, and we can’t play much technical. We love to play, but it’s a little impossible to play harder songs with the perfect performance, I mean for us, because we’re new. We need to learn more to do that. Like super technical and great performance, we’re not there yet but we’re doing our best. We’re doing it from the heart, really.

We can hear a lot of influences when we are listening to your music, from the various bands like old Kreator, Destruction, old Sepultura, along with some death metal riffs on the new record. Tell us more about your influences.
Sepultura of course, a huge influence in Brazil. I personalty think about Slayer a lot when composing the melodic stuff and riffs, you know. Of course, Kreator, Destruction, Sodom, Testament, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Vader, Behemoth….many bands. This is like, the main team.

Well, how would you describe your style after all? This is like, old school style, old school production thrash, death metal?
Basically, it’s thrash and death metal, old school like but, thrash metal, with a touch of death metal in it.

Since there are three of you, only girls, a lot of female bands are getting attention now, do you think that this was a pushover for you in a way?
Yes. It’s easier to be girls on the metal scene because we draw attention, sell merch easier and all that, but it’s harder to get respect. Everyone always expect more than the other bands and we always need to prove something. But we don’t care about that, was just do what we love and what we want. I think that is the most important thing. To do what you want and what you love. Of course, you want to be better, and we are working to be better. We listen to others opinions, but basically, we don’t care.
This is the first time I see you live, and there is a lot energy on the stage.

Summerbreeze 2018 Press Rooms

Summerbreeze 2018 Press Rooms

Comparing to Paradise Lost last night like, five guys vs three girls, you’ve had much more energy on the stage. Even though I love Paradise Lost a lot 🙂 
Thank you! I’m glad to hear that. Although it’s a different kind of band. I think that is because we come from Latin America and, everyone over there is like, super crazy. We live every day like it’s the last day of our life. We played it like it was our last festival. I don’t know if this makes sense. In Latin America, we don’t have a chance to hear that many bands all the time, and when we have, we are completely crazed because it’s out of our reality.

So, how do you feel since, we were there and, there were also many old metalheads?
Oh, I love to have everyone on our show. Young people, old people, it means a lot because, when you have old people on your show, they’ve listened to a lot of bands, it means something.

You’ve also played in Serbia with Jenner. This is quite of an experience, so you’ve really worked hard.
Yes, because it’s hard to play there. It’s hard, over so many countries in Europe, it’s not easy to get there. It’s far, and it’s not in our way. We are from Brazil and we speak Portuguese, and we have a huge connection with Portugal for example. But we never played there. We did with Destruction, on their tour, but we never did on our tour because it’s so far, and it’s hard to go there. This happens for many countries out of the central Europe like Serbia, Bulgaria, Russia. So when we have a chance, we accept and we do it. This is all for our fans.

So what are your expectations? Are you satisfied with the reactions of both media and concerts?
Yeah, I think that the things are getting better with the new album but, it’s been only two months since we released it, so it’s quite a short time to get back to Europe again. But anyway, it’s working very well, all the shows with a lot of people, the promoters are happy, and we’ll come back here next year. We have some news that I can’t tell you yet, but we have a lot going on next year.

Do you think that some bands are lazier comparing to Nervosa?
No no, I think that it’s not about being lazy. We live from the music. A little money that we get here means a lot in Brazil, but if we were living in Europe, the money that we get is not enough. But to live from the music you need to work a lot. Because of this we play a lot. And we can’t stop, we love it. I think it’s three years now without stop like, stop for more than a week.

And since you’re at the Summer Breeze, which band you would like to see here the most?
Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth, Marduk tonight of course, Bloodbath…

Thank you for the interview! Do you have any message for your fans worldwide?
Thank you for this opportunity, it means a lot. I would just like to say thank you to everyone because everyone is important to us. Thank you so much!

  • Answers by Prika Amaral
  • Interview by Marko Miranovic
  • Typed by Darko Petrovic

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