a3373217241_10English duo of extremists Anaal Nathrakh have returned two years after their acclaimed The Whole Of The Law album with their 10th studio offering entitled A New Kind Of Horror, and for this occasion they have decided to go more blatant in terms of lyrical subjects than ever. It is well known fact that this troop rarely publish its lyrics but the information about the theme of the album is out, and those are horrors of World War I in connection with today’s decaying state of the world. It is true that humanity did not learn anything from its mistakes, we are on the fast lane to Hell itself… or it is already here, and Anaal Nathrakh is here to provide the fitting soundtrack for the end times. The band fittingly decided to follow the subject of the album with appropriate music, so A New Kind Of Horror clocks in mere 33 minutes which is a thing for respect in nowadays’ scene filled with album full of filler material. It could be said that A New Kind Of Horror is like war itself: extreme, destructive, full of violence and devoid of any kind of control. Anaal Nathrakh have tried some of the new elements as well this time like in the first single off the album Forward! which goes way into groovy territory, the way this band has not ventured so far, or the ending track on the album Are We Fit for Glory Yet? (The War to End Nothing) that has refrain similar to old war anthems but the rest of the album is Anaal Nathrakh we all know by now. That is perhaps the biggest danger of the album since there are a number of fans that accuse them of playing the same old stuff over and over and that the new albums from their camp are far from necessity nowadays, but I am on the other side of the fence. This group has its own highly distinctive sound, and it’s not like that there are a swarm of their copies flooding the scene. Anaal Nathrakh is instantly recognizable within a few seconds of hearing their material and why would they change that, if they have the power to write persuasive interesting albums still. A New Kind Of Horror is the proof that yes, they still can and if you share my sentiment about their direction make sure to check out the album for the newest dose of pure audio destruction!

  • Metal Blade Records CD
  • Trifunovic Slobodan (8)

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