VREID Sokrates Must Die

Well, I do remember that I have done of of the last interview with Windir back then for my Hornburg fanzine, just a month later their front-man died. I always loved Windir and to be honest I didn’t know that there were some other musicians involved in the band aside of Valfar. But, these musicians laten on have formed band called Vreid which has already released their 8th full-length. So, I finally took a chance and made one interview with the rest of the guys from legendary Windir. 

Hello there! I have to say that just a month ago I was able for the very first time to see you at Summer Breeze. It was a killer show indeed.

Hello! Thank you very much for the kind words! – it was a nice evening in Germany indeed.

Please, since this is the first time that we have a chance to have an interview with Vreid could you tell a story in short about the band? The band actually emerged from Windir if I am correct in a way…I mean three members are from Windir’s original crew.

Yes, or in fact all four members today are from Windir. When we formed in 2004, after the death of Terje «Valfar» Bakken in Windir myself, Hvàll and Sture formed the band together with Ese, a long ime friend of us. We recorded four albums («Kraft», «Pitch Black Brigade», «I Krig» and «Milorg».

Ese quit Vreid in 2010 after touring the Milorg-album and later formed his own band (Slegest). Strom joined the band as a lead-guitarist in 2010 before the recording of «V», our fifth album and he has been in the band since then. He was also an original Windir-member back in the days. Later recordings as the 4-piece we are today include «Welcome Farewell» and «Milorg» before our latest album «Lifehunger», being released just now in September.

As a matter of fact Vreid has just issued its brand new record so please could you tell us something about your latest work Lifehunger?

Yes, it was released September 28th on Season of Mist. It was recorded in Nabolaget Studio in Oslo last autumn / winter.

Could you compare your latest record with your previous works since you already have released 8th full-lengths?

We are very, very pleased, and personally I think it’s our best release of the eight albums. That being said I’m generally very proud of our backcatalouge (remember to check all the albums out..). The songs on «Lifehunger» represent pretty much where we are at the moment. For the followers of Vreid you will definately recognise the band, and for new listeners I think it’s a nice way to discover the band

How would you describe the style of Vreid’s music? I would not stop at melodic black metal term since I found that you music is a combination of several different styles: some traditional heavy metal, here and there melodic thrash metal influences, its a sort of constant changing of style in a way and songs sound quite complex.

I (or we) really do not care what description fits the band best. I’m not the biggest fan of putting music into defined genres. Listening to Vreid I don’t think you can just give us «one tag», or place us in one genre at all. We are inspired by so many styles of music, and this also reflects the songs on all our albums in a way or the other. Some have called us «Black n’ roll», some black metal and so on.. we don’t care – We are Vreid.

If I am correct Vreid was always common for lyrics about WWII. But, I don’t know about the latest record could you tell us little more about your lyrics this time?

On earlier albums like «I Krig» and «Milorg» the lyrics were based on WWII yes. On later releases and «Lifehunger» the lyrics are more based on philosophy and the mysteries of life and death. That being said, it’s more about the questions, not the answers. In short terms you can say that «Lifehunger» is an album about life and death

The cover artwork for Lifehunger looks quite cool, so who has done the cover and what would you like to express by it? The same goes for the title Lifehunger, too?

As I said, the album is in short terms about life and death. The albumcober was designed by Remi at Deformat in Oslo after consulting Hvàll on different ideas. He has really captured the essence of the album in that design, we are really satisfied with the result.

When it comes to new album Lifehunger it was written that there will be also, aside of regular CD, there is also a limited LP release. Can you tell us something about that?

Really not much more to say than Season of Mist wanting to release the album with different limited designs, black, blue and blue/white. We’re perfectly fine with that, I think different designs appeal to both fans and collectors of LPs in general.

Since Vreid has quite a long history with 8 records could you tell us which was the most important album to you and which one was the most successful?

Difficult question, really.. Personally I think «Milorg» was the album that picked us up from the underground so to speak, and gave us the opportunity to tour outside Europe. So that was maybe the «Icebreaker». The most successful.. hmm.. It was maybe «V», which also gave us a Norwegian Grammy-nomination. But my expectations is to answer «Lifehunger» on the last question if you ask me in about a year.

Vreid now is for the first time at Season of Mist so after a long time you have change the label from Norwegian Indie. Any comments about this?

The simple answer is that we wanted to do something different. Change the studio we recorded, change the designer of artwork and also change the label. No hard feelings towards Indie, they still are close and good friends of us. We are very happy with the new label so far.

Are there in plan any new tour dates right in the moment?

After touring Norway now in November we head out on an European tour in December with Kalmah and Slegest. We are working on 2019-dates as we speak – so more dates will be added, both tours/single shows and of course festivals.

Well, I would like to thank you for the interview and I wish you all the best.

Likewise. Thank you very much for your interest in Vreid, and remember to check out the new album «Lifehunger»!!

  • Answers by Jørn «Steingrim» Holen
  • Interview by Marko Miranovic

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