Dragony Multiuniverse

Well, this is the very first time that we have a chance to present Dragony on Metal Sound pages. The band comes from Austia and Dragony performing very melodic power metal. Thus far they have released 3 full-lengths and ”Masters of the Multiuniverse” is their newest offering and they’re on the scene since their debut record ”Shadowplay” (2011). So, if you are lover of bands like Hammerfall or early Edguy then you are on a right place…

Dragony has released just a brad new record out ”Masters of the Multiuniverse” after three years from your previous 2nd effort so what can you tell us about new record?

For us, “Masters of the Multiverse” is the logical evolution from our previous album “Shadowplay”. We’ve once again combined classic straight forward Power Metal songs with some symphonic elements, but this time the songs are probably even more focused than before. This was a trend that we already noticed with our EP “Lords of the Hunt”, which was released for our tenth anniversary as a band last year, and which also included two new songs. That songwriting trend just continued for “Masters of the Multiverse”, which then turned out as a very focused album with ten very different metal tracks!

Since this is the first interview that we have a chance to do with Dragony for Metal Sound please could you introduce further more our readers with Dragony?
Dragony was founded back in 2007 in Vienna Austria as “The Dragonslayer Project”. It was meant to be a studio project at first, but soon developed into a “real” band and so we changed the name to the easier “Dragony” in 2011, when we released our first album “Legends”. We would describe our style of metal as very traditional Melodic Power Metal, inspired by bands like Hammerfall, Edguy, Avantasia, Stratovarius and Rhapsody. So basically a melodic metal sound right out of the late 1990s and early 2000s!

How would you like to label your style of playing? Its very melodic and power metal term could really work though. Do you agree with my opinion?
Yes, definitely. It’s Power Metal at the core, with some symphonic elements added. The symphonic part was more pronounced on “Shadowplay”, when we worked with our orchestrator Lukas Knoebl for the first time. He also contributed the orchestras again on this album now, and we feel that his contributions add a very important part to our overall sound, making every song sound really different and unique.

There are already reviews and comments about your new album and new songs from ”Masters of the Multiuniverse”. Anyway, are you satisfied by the first reactions?
Definitely! Most of the reactions by press and critics are really good, and especially our fans seem to love the new material as well. That’s the most important part of course, so we are happy with that! Now we are very excited to see how the new songs will be received by live audiences on our tour with Serenity, Visions of Atlantis and Temperance this fall!

Dragony is now on Limb Music which was quite a huge label and still it is in a way. So how do you feel about it? Does it get any adventige?
I think it is really helpful for a band to be on an established label, as most magazines and also stores and music distributors know such labels and have good working relationships with them. It’s easier to get noticed in magazines, and also easier to get on tours or festivals.

As a matter of fact Serbian artist Dusan has done the cover artwork for your latest offering? So, how are you satisfied with his work?
Dusan is amazing! We discovered his work when we were looking for a cover artwork for our EP “Lords of the Hunt”, and found one of his drawings that fit really perfectly. Thankfully we were able to license it, and now for the new album we went straight to Dusan again to create an all new original artwork for “Masters of the Multiverse”, which once again turned out fantastic. I think it really fits to the image of Dragony and our music style.

I don’t know are you active live playing here and there but I have notice that you are planning already some tour so tell us more about your touring plans right now?
As mentioned, we are going on tour with Serenity, Visions of Atlantis and Temperance this October for 12 dates, playing Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, France and Hungary. That’s a really great opportunity for us to present our new album right after the release. Then we hope to get some festival shows for 2019 of course. Let’s see what happens!

Could you say us little more about your debut offering ”Legends” (2011) and your 2nd full-length ”Shadowplay” (2015)? What is their place in Dragony’s legacy?
“Legends” was really our first attempt at a full length album and studio recording, so we gained a lot of experience from that – mostly by making a lot of mistakes, haha! Still, we had some good songs on that album that are still fan favorites to this day, like for example “The Longest Night” and “Alcador”.
The second album “Shadowplay” was definitely a big step forward in every way, both in terms of songwriting, which became much more focused and developed, and also in terms of production, since we were able to use great orchestra samples, had a decent pre-production and then a very good mix and mastering by Jan Vacik at Dreamsound studios. We think that “Masters of the Multiverse” now takes our music to yet another level, and hope that the fans our there enjoy it!

I would like to thank you for the interview and I wish you all the best! Any final words to your supporters and fans?

We would like to thank our fans out there for their continuing support, hope that they like the new album and we also hope that we will soon be able to come to a lot more different countries to present our music there. Cheers!

  • Interview by Marko Miranovic

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