Hypocrisy/Kataklysm/The Spirit Budapest 23.10.2018.

Well, it was my sixth time that I got the chance to see Peter & co. live and I only have to admit once and for all that they are one of the best bands on stage if not the best one! They simply have destroyed us that evening in Budapest, each song was a jewel and every song pure madness.

But, never the less, the evening has started actually with newcomer The Spirit, the band that comes from Germany, they are a sort of of mixture between several Scandinavian bands you know like Immortal, Dissection, there’s also a little bit of death metal vibe within their style. All in all quite decent start for the evening and warm up for mighty Hypocrisy. Anyway, later I found myself with Mathias (their vocalist and guitarist) in the backstage having one interview so you will be soon able to found it on our pages.

Anyway, after The Spirit Peter & co. took the stage by assault starting the set with ”Fractured Millennium”. Later they have unleashed a fire with ten songs in total. You know songs like ”Fire in the Sky”, ”Warpath”, ”Eraser” and a like. But, they also performed some of the oldest fires like ”Pleasure of Molestation” or ”Killing Art”. Yet, the night has ending gloriously with ”Roswell 47”… All in all one more night to remember after which we could only conclude that Hypocrisy is one of the best live bands around. Simply they cannot miss.

  • Marko Miranovic

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