THEM Manor of the Se7en Gables

2458120You still cannot get over Mercyful Fate prolonged break? King Diamond is you favorite musician ever? Well, I have something for you here to ease the pain, as it is clear to you from the mere glance at band’s name and cover art. Them is international unit led by enigmatic singer Troy Norr aka KK Fossor whose appearance is veiled in robes and face paint similar to… yeah, you have guessed it right, our most special Dane! The similarities does not end there as Manor of the Se7en Gables is conceptual horror album telling the gruesome tales of madness (the more of it we will find out when we have the lyrical sheet in front of us) which are told by high pitched voice of KK. Copycat, some of you may cry out and it is very true that Them sound totally inspired by King Diamond but I see nothing bad there. The last King’s album came out 11 years ago, it seems that Mercyful Fate will never return so there is a lot of place on the scene for this kind of music and the fans are in desperate need for another dose of horror themed metal. Of course, some weak bands aren’t allowed to pass and Them really did their best to earn their rightful place on metal scene. It should be said that the songs are meticulously crafted, Them’s brand of heavy metal is infused by large doses of thrash and power metal (of American ilk, mind you) and even some unexpected prog metal twists and turns are to be heard on Manor of the Se7en Gables. So it is very obvious that all the musicians involved worked very hard and the final outcome of Manor of the Se7en Gables is passionate enough to garner multiple listening sessions which will suck you in its world. After all, I would rather listen to unoriginal band which possesses the high quality level than some boring original crap and that is the exact story of Them. They simply have the chops and talent to play this kind of heavy metal so albums like Manor of the Se7en Gables are more than welcome in my book. If you share my sentiments, then by all means check out this release and become entranced by diabolical tales hidden therein!

  • Srecko Sitic (8)
  • SPV/Steamhammer CD

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