THE WIZARDS Full Moon in Scorpio

Well, we have a brand newcomer to unveil. This time we are going more southwards, to Spain metal scene. Band The Wizardss have their brand new record out ”Rise of the Serpent”. As a matter of fact, the band has unique style mixing several different buy yet traditional styles so the final outcome sounds indeed interesting. So, you are welcome once more to learn something more about one newcomer.
Hi there! First we would like to talk about The Wizards’s new album “Rise Of The Serpent”. Could you present your latest record to our readers? 
“Rise Of The Serpent” is our third record, and although it sound cliché we sincerely think it’s our best. We worked our asses of to make the best album we could. The team involved is the same as in our previous record “Full Moon In Scorpio”, but the sound is bigger and more powerful. We also used a different studio from the drums. We spent two intense weeks recording it and the outcome is an apocalyptic weapon for our magical war.
Well, second it will be welcome if you could to present the band to our reads since this is the first interview with The Wizards that we have opportunity to have so far? 
The Wizards is a five-headed serpent that remains the same since the beginning. We are Phil the Pain (guitar), Dave O. Spare (drums), Baraka Boy (bass), Sir Ian Mason (vocals) and George Dee (guitar). We are the definitive Bilbao Heavy Metal Warriors and we are gonna made you headbang like there is no tomorrow!
The Wizards present its style as Occult heavy metal, but please could you name few references as well, some bands that have direct impact on your style? 
The influences are huge, but some of them are BLACK SABBATH, IRON MAIDEN, BLACK FLAG, JUDAS PRIEST, BLUE ÖYSTER CULT, PENTAGRAM, DANZIG, URIAH HEEP and G.G. ALLIN. We are not only interested in occultism, but it part of our lyrical and visual influences such as cinema, literature, comics and so on. Music wise we like all genres within rock and roll, from doom rock to punk rock, from heavy metal to psychodelia. Our music is based on a wide spectrum of influences that we blend our personal way.
The Wizards has done already one video for the song ”Age of Man”. Well, it really looks old-fashioned and occult as well. What did you want to express by the video? 
We wanted to present something that has different meanings, it could be a joke or something way more serious. Maybe it shows the sacrifice of the Man by the female power, but that is just one way to understand it. It’ open to interpretation. You can see the band playing while images from Charles Manson,  Vietnam War and Altamont riots are projected over the musicians. We wanted a vintage look and warm colors. You can see some witches, some blood, swords, candles, old books and a lot of loud guitars! We recorded in one day with director Titi muñoz in an old house in Asturias that noe has been converted to a recording studio.
”Rise Of The Serpent” is your third record if I am correct, so what could you tell us about your previous two works? 
Our first record was made in a hurry, and we feel we could’ve done something better, but it sounds fresh and has good songs. The second one,  “Full Moon  in Scorpio”, was recorded more profesionally and we consider it our first big record. It has great songs with an amazing production by Dean Rispler, and people loved it. We owe a lot to our second album, it was the album that put us on the map and made us play a lot of shows and people started to talk about the band. But the new one is the best in our opinion, and we don’t lie when we say that “Rise of the Serpent” kicks some big ass.
The band comes from Spain so what could you tell us about your metal scene? Do you have any shows out there from time to time? 
In Spain we have amazing bands and good festivals, but everything is  fucked up in many ways. We love playing here but when we visited Hamburg this year we realized that things can be done better. On the other side, we still have authentic live venues like Rocksound in Barcelona or Helldorado in Gasteiz, and this is the best, you won’t get more rock and roll action anywhere else in the country. These places a run by true rockers with a passion for music and that makes the total difference.
The cover artwork for your latest record looks quite remarkable. Who has done it and what would you like to express by it? 
The artist is Rafa Garres, a Barcelona based artist that work with DC Comics,  Marvel or Verotik. We wanted a serpent with five heads, pretty simple but epic. As I said before, The Wizards is a five-headed serpent ascending from the ruins, it wasn’t easy to record this thing, and we wanted something related with this big effort. The process for the cover artwork was hard, long and frustrating but the outcome is great. Good things don’t come easy.
I’ve found that you have already done some shows and tours as well outside Spain, so do you plan to have some more shows in the near future outside your country
We are playing Hammer of Doom in Germany next november and we plan to play more shoes all over the country. Our goal is to play outside Spain as much as we can and become an international band. Now that we are working with High Roller Records we are ready to enter in the German market and from there conquer the rest of Europe with our loud guitars and catchy epic vocals!
  • Interview by Marko Miranovic

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