a0493962789_10This album and the whole career of this troop is a sight to behold. Ever since when I became acquainted with the name Horrendous with their debut album 2012’s The Chills when they played old school death metal it was somehow clear that we are not dealing here with one more band which is simply worshipping at the altar of old, but that they are rather here to explore and expand. Already their second album 2014’s Ecdysis was the absolute proof for these words and 2015’s Anareta continued down that road. The year is 2018, biggest break in Horrendous’ career is over and they are back as a four piece with their 4th full length entitled Idol, once again it is different story comparing to its predecessor. Four albums and four new ways to express themselves – quite a rarity in a world where bands are more than satisfied with keeping the tried and true formula that once brought them success. Horrendous is not that kind of group as I have already stated so get ready for another musical chapter in death metal with Idol. Idol is death metal, yes but I would not know with what band I would compare Horrendous nowadays. Maybe bands like Death or Atheist could be thrown into the mix just for comparison’s sake but Idol sounds like the guys in the bands listened to those names rather than be completely influenced by them, if you get what I am saying. How would you describe death metal? One of the first words that would come in everyone’s mind would be ‘’aggressive’’, right? Yes, Idol has growling vocals, fast drums and loud distorted guitars but that is not the term that comes to my mind when listening to Idol. Technically it is easy to say that Horrendous use a lot of unpredictable song structures and non-standard solutions for their songs but the main feature of Idol for me is the feeling that it emanates from the speakers. I would say that overall vibe of Idol is dreamy yet in the same time chaotic, just like floating above some sleeping scenes from Lovecraft’s nightmares. You know the master’s story The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath? Being frightened yet also in the same time lulled into the magic of sight before you – such is the feeling that I get while listening to Idol. The career of the band lasts less than a decade and in that time they have achieved more than many before them and what is more important – they still seem hungry and with a lot more to say in the future. Get Idol and witness one of the best thinking man’s metal albums in 2018 right away!

  • Season of Mist CD
  • Trifunovic Slobodan (9)

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