ARTILLERY The Face Of Fear

Third time’s a charm, as they say, and that is definitely the case with Danish thrashers Artillery. Their third incarnation from 2007 onwards proved to be the longest standing one, with stabilized line up and biggest number of albums under their belt and here we have another proof for that statement in front us. Artillery’s 9th full length entitled The Face Of Fear, third one with singer Michael Dahl, continues down the streak they have started way back in 2009 with When Death Comes which marked the return of Artillery in stable form, releasing albums of similar quality every couple of years without failing miserably but also not reaching the quality of first 3 80s cults but hey, who would expect that? I think that it is small miracle in itself that the band is working after all these years so passionately and I am always willing to check out what new do they have to say. Without living on past glories, Artillery still churn out their characteristic brand of thrash metal and The Face Of Fear is no exception. So this time also we have thrash metal at hand, there is no question about it, but Artillery does not venture into some wild and unhinged territories with it. Their brand of thrash metal is riff heavy and fast but also in the same time not devoid of catchy moments, like the tile track which kick starts the album will show you right out of the gate. The Face Of Fear can venture into pure heavy metal territories like in new emotional single Pain or Through The Ages Of Atrocity, which sounds like Saxon… and that is not a bad thing at all. That heavy metal impression is further accentuated by Michael’s vocals which are absolutely clean and filled with melodies, more than often he can remind me of Niklas of Dream Evil. I must note that album is mere 36 minutes long (some editions feature two re-recorded tracks from the past) which is always a compliment in my book as I always prefer when bands don’t overstay their welcome but rather save the best songs they have for the album. All in all, The Face Of Fear is pretty much standard Artillery fare which is seal of quality in itself for their fans, no reinventing the wheel here for sure, so if you are one of them make sure to check it out.

  • ST (8)
  • Metal Blade Records CD

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