a2798390774_10Maybe younger crowd is not aware that Cattle Decapitation has not always been extreme metal mutant from the last two albums and that they have honed their craft for years before getting where they are now. Medium Rarities is the name of the compilation that has just been released where the band has compiled all their rare tracks into one release which will be seen as a treat to all of their old school fans. This compilation has been in preparation for years now as the band couldn’t find the track prepared for Japanese edition that was never released in the first place, but luckily it was recently unearthed in Metal Blade’s headquarters so all pieces fell into place. So Medium Rarities pulls out everything that this band had in store and in the same time it will handily show you the evolution Cattle Decapitation took to be where they are today. Songs from ¡Decapitacion! EP, split with Caninus and unreleased Human Jerky rehearsal tracks find the band in its most primal grinding stage where they were one of the many bands worshipping at the altar of brutality. Their role models are present with Carcass and The Birthday Party covers while Karma.Bloody.Karma and The Harvest Floor bonus tracks are there to represent the band in their transitional phase, still finding their absolute voice. That growth is shown with bonus tracks from the last two albums which proved that Cattle Decapitation are one of the most daring troops operating under the wing of extreme metal of today. All of these tracks are, as I have said, compiled on Medium Rarities but it should be mentioned that this release is primarily targeted at band’s die hard fans and completists due to its often raw and scathing nature. Occasional fans should maybe better stick to the last albums but Medium Rarities is important testament in time for Cattle Decapitation and it will ease the waiting for their next assault!

  • Trifunovic Slobodan (8)
  • Metal Blade Records CD

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