745844Can you imagine the band comprised of members from Teutonic thrash merchants Exumer and Japanese doom overlords Church of Misery? That is impossible, you would say? Enter Skull Pit, new project which was made out of friendship of Exumer’s Mem V. Stein and Church of Misery’s Tatsu Mikami. From the moment Skull Pit was announced people were wondering is this strange pairing even possible and how will it sound after all. Now that the self-titled album is in front of us all doubts are to be put aside, as we can finally find out about it. I must say Mem and Tatsu did the smartest thing when it comes to music of Skull Pit, as it does not resemble the sound of any of their main bands. No one would need that and the accusations of another needless side project would be sure to come, but instead these two opted to try something new in their musical CV. So Skull Pit is something that you have not heard from these two gentlemen, and sounds like it came from England 1981 with the accent on hellish trio Motörhead. The result here is hard rocking heavy metal which has the simply but infectious energy of mentioned legends and on the other hand, it borrows a bit from NWOBHM movement but still keeping things short and to the point. The album is closed with cover track of Aussie underdog legends Rose Tattoo which cements the statements about the musical style I was talking about earlier. Skull Pits clocks in around 38 minutes which proves to you that there is not much of a musical philosophies involved in here but rather pure energy and fun above all. Skull Pit is not the project which will turn the scene upside down or bring something new to the table, but it rather relies on energy and having fun which is after all the main reason for creating it. If you want to have some unpretentious rocking album to have some good time to, you can easily check out Skull Pit’s debut offering and now all that is left is to see how the story will develop further…

  • Srecko Sitic (7)
  • Metal Blade Records CD

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