Bringing out Apokalupsis on the table this year, Aurora Borealis crew are bringing us some good and quality material to listen to. In our recent talk with Ron Vento, we discussed all about their new material and the band itself.

Well, since this is the first interview, for the people who don’t know you, introduce yourself, tell us something about the band, style of music you play, your background etc.

Well. I’m Ron Vento and my band is called Aurora Borealis. We have been around since 1995. Before that I played in a band called Lestregus Nosferatus with one of the guys who was in the legendary thrash band Hallows Eve. We have 8 albums out at this point and currently working on the 9th. We play a blend of semi tech death black metal.  Definitely some thrash influences as well. I am influenced by metal mostly so, it all creeps into my music here and there. I also run my own recording studio called Nightsky Studios that has been around for 15 years. It’s a commercial studio so we record everything there but, I specialize in metal obviously.

Tell me about your latest album, Apokalupsis. What is the story behind it? I see that you have also recorded a music video for Sarkikos.

Yeah. We released the video in May. It has 11k plays so far. It’s been awesome and people have really enjoyed it. As for the latest album, Apokalupsis is a concept album in which we venture through the beginning of all creation until the inevitable apocalyptic war. Its primary focus brings to light alien existence and their purpose among humans. The album describes what they are, where they came from and how they manipulated mankind. It also elaborates on those victimized by abduction and why it occurs. Apokalupsis commences with God casting rebellious angels out of heaven. Unlike traditional stories, God sends them through space to stars created to keep them captive. One star for every fallen angel, countless stars for countless demons. At the heart of every star, there is a demon trying to break free and find its way to God’s greatest creation, mankind. In consequence, those that escape create massive solar flares and star quakes.

By manipulating space time through wormholes, their search for human life begins. Some never escape and after billions of years collapse with the stars, forever forsaken in eternal solitude. Those who reach earth begin their deceit. Throughout history they have taken on many forms with the intent of building a foundation of deception; beginning with Eve and the serpent in the Garden of Eden. In modern time, they disguise themselves as aliens, guiding the lives of great rulers (from pharaohs, to kings and presidents), with the intent of destruction. In time they reveal what they are and inspire Armageddon.

That’s really fascinating! And who designed the cover artwork? What does it represent?

The cover art was designed by Mike H from Visual Darkness. He is a phenomenal artist. The front cover is a portal through space that fallen angels are coming through as they find their way to the earth. The three aliens are demons reporting Satan on earth for the first time. Satan is on the tree of life and is already planning his deception. The three crosses on the hill will be the place for Christ’s crucifixion.

The whole alien concept reminded me on Hypocrisy a little bit first time I’ve seen it. Also, tell me about your overall process of writing and composing. How do you approach it?

Yeah, a few people have said that regarding Hypocrisy. Usually, when I compose, I start with the music first. Writing riffs, getting tempos and making sure they get together correctly so everything flows right. After I get all that refined I send it to my drummer and he starts getting drum ideas together. We go back and forth a little until it’s refined. During this process with drums I also start getting lyric placement and phrasing together. After the drum ideas are finished, I can finish the vocals and make those ideas solid. Then, It’s on to recording.

Which are some of your biggest influences in music? Which artists had the biggest impact on you?

I grew up mainly with thrash metal. Bands like Kreator, Coroner, Sodom, stuff like that. I always liked thrash from outside the states more, but I like the American thrash as well, Overkill and stuff like that. As most people, I also like the heavier stuff, death and black metal, bands like Vader and Morbid Angel, and a lot of black metal, like Dark Funeral and Setherial. To many to name. They all have influenced me in some way and I think it’s why I have so many styles mixed into my own music.

Tell me about the scene in your area. Can artists live from their music? Do they support each other? And what is the audience like for that kind of music?

No, the music scene here is terrible. Not much metal at all, and practically no one makes their living from it. Most of my sales actually are from outside of the USA. People really don’t support each other. The area I live in is actually one of the worst I have ever seen. There are really no places for bands to even play original music. And definitely not metal music

So, what are the next steps? Do you plan to have a tour for 25 years of work, or maybe come to Europe, new material? What can we expect?

No, I don’t play live any longer. We have been offered some cool festivals but I have no desire to really play out at this point. My recording studio is how I make my living and I spend just about every day there. I’m already working on new material for the next album and I have the entire concept planned out. It will probably take a year or more to get it all together.

  • Interview by: Darko Panic
    Answers by: Ron Vento

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