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Not long ago, a second edition of Numenor’s Chronicles From The Realms Beyond have been released. Also, some new announcements here and there. They are currently recording a new album that will be released in 2019. In our recent talk, Numenor’s front-man Marko have revealed some of their next steps.

First of all, tell us about the second edition of Chronicles From The Realms Beyond. Present it in your own way. What do you bring with this edition?
Second or special edition of our 3rd full-length ”Chronicles From the Realms Beyond”is on a way to be pressed as CD in a week or two (already there have been some little delays, but it not bothers us so much). But, 2nd edition is already published with two bonus tracks on our Bandcamp page. New edition has a brand new cover, complete new booklet and ”Lords of Chaos” and ”The Hour of the Kings” as two bonus tracks. As a CD it will be released soon (in January) though Stygian Crypt Productions.

What is your favorite track on the album and which one are you most satisfied with?
Well, I have to say that I am quite pleased with all the tracks. But, I have my personal favorites like ”Over the Mountains Cold”, ”Heart of Steel” or ”The Last of the Dragonlords”. Especially, I like the closing three tracks from the first edition including our cover of ”Valhalla”. When it comes to second edition I will more concentrate on the songs ”Lords of Chaos” and ”The Hour of the King” which I think that are not only my favorites but also the songs that have marked the clear path to our next album.

I heard that new album is on the way. What is currently going on with the band? Have you started recording already?
Yes, in this moment we have already started to record the songs and two songs have been already written (but, not yet finished). The working-titles for these two songs are ”Mirror Mirror” and ”Feanor”. Anyway, I hope that very soon we will published our brand new song ”Mirror Mirror” as a sort of appetizer to a new record which according to our plans will be released during 2019.

Comparing to older albums, especially Colossal Darkness, there have been a few changes in the sound here and there. A female vocal on the latest record was truly something new and different. What are your thoughts about it and what influenced your sound mostly in your opinion?
Female vocals from Sandra are just one more new or fresh thing. Sandra has previously appeared and performed in Therion. She has done really amazing job and her voice has suited beautifully in our style. Never the less, the most important change was having for the first time a chance to record and to work with the real drummer, this has completely change the structure and dynamics of the songs.

Which album are you most satisfied with? Which one are you most proud of?
Definitely with the last one. ”Chronicles From the Realms Beyond” (in both versions) was the album where we have develop our own style into something newer, greater. Also, the appearing of Marko Milojevic as a drummer has pushed our style in different, more aggressive and even chaotic way, which I really like. As a matter of fact Marko was a sort of breaking point in creating our own style and vibes.

So, what will be the concept of the new album? Is there anything that you can reveal to us now?
Yes, there’s a style concept already marked in a way with first two songs and our bonus songs from ”Chronicles…” second edition. So, we will have songs written in most traditional heavy metal way, with lots of influences from Iron Maiden and we will have at least half of the album written in a way of more avant-garde way, very close to Norwegian more avant-garde (black) metal bands from 90s like Arcturus, Covenant, Borknagar, Old Man’s Child…yes, we have now developed our style into more aggressive way as you could see with the song ”Lords of Chaos” which has even surprised us personally during the writing and recording process…

Do you plan to do any new covers and which bands do you enjoy covering the most?
Yes, some plans I could to reveal but some I need to keep for myself 🙂 We plan to cover ”Lugburz” (Summoning) and to release one Bandcamp only release as a sort of Summoning-tribute in the first part of 2019 since we have already one Summoning cover which turned out to be quite successful. I would like to have this as a sort of Summoning fan since I enjoyed in the band for so many years. For the other covers I cannot to speak much but I would definitely like to cover one day Dio’s hymn ”Holy Diver” 🙂

I’ve noticed that people are comparing Numenor (sometimes) with Ensiferum, Wintersun, Twilight Force and such bands, so what’s your statement about it?
I have already added on some places that we have nothing in common with such sort of bands although I like the first album of Wintersun and Ensiferum’s ”Iron” (when Jari was still innovative). Our influences are coming from different more traditional bands. In a way we are a line that continues and that has started long time ago with Dio, or even before. So, we have various influences from Iron Maiden, Blind Guardian, Dio, (old) Savatage, (old) Helloween, Rhapsody (especially on our second album) to Summoning or Bal-Sagoth when it comes to atmosphere or lyrics, but we don’t want to be Summoning-clones… This is quite long line-age of different bands that were influenced by various fantasy topics. Also, as I have mentioned Srdjan and me, we were raised when Norwegian (black) metal was on a peak, with the best records, so there’s always at least avant-garde Norwegian vibe in our music… But, comparing to Wind Roses or Twilight Force we are different, much much grimmer and I think that we are older so to act on a stage like an elf or dwarf altogether with false armors, hammers or swords it will be the worse we’re too old for that

…So, I will just quote one of our fan’s comments: ”And as every-time I listen to a new song by Numenor, I get the feeling of walking through an epic nightmare…a sense of tragical majesty.”

And what about live performances? Do you have any plans in the future? Any offers?
There are in this particular moment some offers but yet we need to think about them. Since we have so many plans in for 2019 and so much things to record we will see, so we will concentrate only on the most important live offerings. And perhaps its better if we do not have live shows if it cannot be a proper one. We have never imagined Numenor as a sort of circus band or entertaining band, our messages are far darker, we would like with our music much more to create some sort of (grim) atmosphere…

How do you approach writing and composing new songs? What does your process look like?
Actually its quite easy one. Mostly Srdjan and I have a talked before he starts to record new songs (usually two per two). Then he send me finished versions (or demo versions if you will) and I start to write the lyrics. Sometimes I even write the lyrics first to influence him in which way he could write the next song. And, of course, the final moment is when we travel to Srdjan’s studio in Smederevo (a town close to Belgrade like 1 hour of driving) and then we record the vocals for song in a day. These ”travelling” to the town where Srdjan ”dwells” has become epic tales for itself 🙂

So, what are your next steps when it comes to Numenor? What are your plans for the upcoming year?
To conclude the interview I will say that we will continue to write the songs for our forthcoming 4th full-length ”Draconian Age”. Also, I guess at the very beginning of the year we will publish the video for a already finished song ”Mirror Mirror” and I also hope that our new CD (our 2nd edition of album ”Chronicles…” will very soon arrive in our store. Also, we plan to have this Bandcamp release as Summoning-tribute. I think that the title would be ”Towers of Old”. Moreover, we have some consultations with our record company Stygian Crypt to re-release with few bonus tracks and new cover artwork and booklet our debut album ”Colossal Darkness” very soon since its already out of print and we would really like to make something more beautiful now visually to celebrate our debut record. So, I think that these are quite regular plans for 2019. But, definitely we will have in 2019 a new full-length out, this is the most important thing at this moment!

  • Answers by Marko Miranovic
  • Interview by Darko Panic

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