ANCIENT BARDS Black Crystal Sword Saga

Ancient Bards are actually quite popular band but there passed like five years of silence between their brand new record and their previous full-length. The band has just issued their 4th offering though Limb Music so they have returned once more with their symphonic power metal sound bound by fantasy lyrics…enjoy the interview!

After five years of silence Ancient Bards are finally come back with a brand new issue. So tell us why there was such a long pause between your 3rd and 4th full-length?
Hi! The long pause was not intentional. At the beginning of 2016 the basic structure of the new album was mostly done and we were expecting to enter the studio and record it soon. Unfortunately almost each one of us had to face different personal issues that required a different prioritisation of our attention. We never really realised how much time it took but luckily we found a new balance and we could get back to dedicate ourselves to our music

It’s right time to introduce us with your new, just released 4th full-length Origine – The Black Crystal Sword Saga Part 2? So, could you tell, from your point of view something more about your latest offering?
We are extremely proud of Origine and I think it’s a good introduction to the world of Ancient Bards. This album is our evolution, it’s the product of our passion and determination: after years of silence we wanted to come back strong. During our hiatus we never actually stopped working, we individually worked on ourselves and on our instruments, so when we got together again we had a whole spectrum of new ideas and experiences to bring into the project, which I think can be heard in the music. I personally love the story too, this new chapter is much more modern and intriguing!

Could we say that lyrically the brand new material is link with your debut effort? Also, could you compare your latest work with your previous albums musically? Could we say that Origine – The Black Crystal Sword Saga Part 2 is your most mature effort so far?
Origine is definitely our most mature effort so far, it is much richer than the previous ones because we took more time than usual to write it and record it. That’s one thing we always intendo to do, improve with every release. The New album is linked to all of the 3 previous releases, both musically and lyrically. The saga is a whole story which has already been written from start to end, and it’s being released piece by piece, one album at a time, so there are many cross-references in themes and lyrics.

It’s another fantasy tale so to say, so ado you have your own tale to tell or your are exploring some other fantasy authors and novels?
No, the story is completely original, it was written by Daniele when he was 16, and it’s a mix of his inspirations such as his favorite video game Final Fantasy, nordic tales and the more famous Emerald Sword Saga.

When we think about Italy we always have in mind some fantasy and symphony oriented bands so the same goes for Ancient Bards as well. Do you have any comment about this topic?
Well, Ancient Bards is a fantasy and symphony oriented band, just like Rhapsody was before us. It’s clear, as I stated before, that Rhapsody were a big inspiration to Daniele both musically and thematically, but we never intended to fill their shoes. We are proud to be a part of this Italian musical imaginary though!

Do you plan to promote latest offering whit some live shows?
Yes, we are working on it. We have been off the scenes for almost 3 years and we definitely want to get back on stage, meeting old and new fans, possibly all over the world.

How would you like to describe your music or to link your music with some more prominent bands? When you have started Ancient Bards what did you have in mind?
I personally had nothing in mind, as at that time I had little to no references to the metal world. Again, Rhapsody was clearly the closest pairing anyone could do.

How about your cover artworks, not only for the latest record, but also for the previous ones as well? Do you think that your visual aspect is equal important and goes in hand in hand with your musical style?
Yes, we always thought the visual aspect is tremendously important. We like for our listeners to paint the picture of what’s happening in their heads, with no restrictions, but small blueprint to set the mood was always something we wanted to provide. We couldn’t be happier about the cover of Origine, an amazing job by Vincent Lefevre. It’s perfect, it really captures the essence of the album.

I would like tot hank you for the interview and your answers and I hope/wish to see you somewhere live! Best of luck until the next time!
Thank you for having me Metal Sound, it’s been a pleasure. See you around!!

  • Answers by Sara
  • Interview by Marko Miranovic

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