HECATE ENTHRONED Temples that Breathe

HECATE ENTHRONED is one of my favorite bands when it comes to British style of black metal, or should I say British answer to black metal, their first four offerings are pure jewels in my CD collection especially when we talk about 2nd and the 3rd full-lengths, but anyway even ”King of Chaos” (1999) was quite innovative for that period although the band has evidently started to change the style added some more death metal edge and heaviness in their music. But, however Hecate Enthroned are still active and after 5 or 6 years of silence here they have made once more comeback with their latest effort ”Embrace of the Godless Aeon”. I do not need to say that I feel indeed happy since i got the chance to have one interview with Dylan and finally have Hecate Enthroned on Metal Sound’s pages…

Hello guys, ”Embrace of the Godless Aeon” is your latest full-length so please present to our readers, from your point of you, the latest effort of Hecate Enthroned?
Its strength lies in it being a total package, its 8 very strong songs that all standalone but have come together to create a complete album. Along with the themes and imagery behind it delivers on all levels. There are fast aggressive moments, heavy brutal moments and huge open epic passages but they all have their own place and time and don’t fight but combine to deliver a truly monumental metal experience. The overall sound has a lot to do with this and the production and mix by Dan Abela has given the songs their space to breathe but be a part of the whole miasma. We have never been so pleased with the sound of an album and the art work totally reflects what is going on inside…Hecate, summoned and arisen.

Could you compare your latest offering ”Embrace of the Godless Aeon”with your previous issue, it seems that there are more keyboards this time and that a brand new issue could be compared even with your earlier efforts from 90s…do you agree?
Again it’s down to the overall production, this album has all the elements of Hecate Enthroned, all the elements that were previously visible on all our previous albums but with this one the layers and depth is more evident because of the crystal production without losing any of the power and heaviness. This album is an accumulation of where we are as a band musically. We are very proud of it. It certainly has more of the earlier album feel and elements to it more because of the level of orchestration and the development of writing within the songs, especially the bigger epic tracks.

There passed around 6 years since Hecate’s previous offering ”Virulent Rapture”; so why there was so huge period of silence between your previous and latest record?
We actually had this album written quite quickly after VR as Joe came in soon after Elliott leaving and we even had the album recorded and mastered around 2 years before we released last month. We have always been prolific writers the problem has been finding a suitable deal or label. And the majority of that 6 years (like the gap after Redimus album) was spent finding a decent label. We did a couple of shops with the album but didn’t get the offers we wanted so rather than ‘sacrificing’ the album on a lesser deal we remained patient and kept looking. This deal with M-Theory Audio came from our management team Extreme Management Group plc and it was well worth the wait as M-Theory have been superb and it’s a great deal that this album deserves and it’s an incredible release that our fans deserve after the long wait.

Are you satisfied by the reaction of your fans when it comes to a brand new output ”Embrace of the Godless Aeon”?
Overall very pleased, the early response from media, fans and pundits alike has been very positive and more importantly to us the fans have received it with open arms and are singing its praises to us. To receive such positive reaction and for so many people to take the time to contact us personally to give this reaction has meant a lot to us and made this release very special.

There are some new members in Hecate’s ranks; especially there a new vocalist…so what could you tell us about your new members and could you tell us who has stayed in the band from the original line-up?
We have known Joe for many years he even stood in on live vocals for us in the past so we knew he could do it and was a good fit. His vocal range is very impressive and he nails all our back catalogue and equally importantly he brings out what needs to be done vocally on the new material. He slotted straight in with no real break in period and really hit the ground running. It helped as he knew our songs and he knew us, his writing on the new album encapsulates what Hecate Enthroned is but also what the new album is and what this line up does as its only Pete and Gareth’s second album with us so they have really come into their own on this and delivered great performances and it’s that combination of a band working together to deliver a complete package but also developing a style. As myself, Nigel and Andy have been together for so long, don’t forget its almost 25 years for Hecate Enthroned we do have our own style and it’s a very unique style; its symphonic black but it’s also death gladdened and vicious and this line up is absolutely nailing that and refining how we do it. That includes live as our on stage performances now are ferocious.

Hecate Enthroned was quite infamous during 90s. I have to say that I still have really high value for your first 4 offerings including the demo. How do you look at your career from 90s? it was quite intensive comparing to later period.
The first release was a great success and really made an impact for us, getting us a big (at the time) deal and shows and tours. Also the title track video was shown on MTV Head bangers Ball which again spread the name around and got us a lot of attention and people are still talking about it. It’s still a focal point for press, industry and fans alike, to me that can only be good and after over 20 years to still be talking about it and having it still selling and being regarded as a classic makes me smile. I don’t think it over shadows as our other releases have done very well and are highly regarded. Sometimes bands can get stuck by a popular album and never get past it but we used it as a springboard and kept going, the fact we have continued for another 20 years after it with 5 subsequent full albums and a few EP’s shows we have always looked forward and not back. Every band at whatever level has to work hard to get anywhere, it’s a lot of time and it’s a lot of effort even with management and a good label you still have to put the work in and we have always done that, even in the quite studio periods we still toured, played and wrote you have to keep the infrastructure within a band going it’s not just about gigs and albums. It’s constant, for me its 24/7, 52 weeks an year.

Since we didn’t get a chance to have a chat when you have released your previous full-length, please could you tell us your opinion about your ”returning” offering ”Virulent Rapture”? From my point of view it was not bad record at all…I quite love the aggressive approach of this particular offering…
We went for a more aggressive production it was a lot more in your face which did suit the songs with there being a lot of heavy riffs and guitars in there but it was also a very symphonic album with some huge tracks and orchestration which really blended very well together. It’s a popular album and we are still very proud of it and it put us back out there after a long studio break and we see it as a very successful return and we still play some of those songs live. It has a lot of aggression but also a lot of grand epic pieces so it needed to sound big but it isn’t as refined as EOTGA which shows how much we have developed as a band in these 5 years. We hope to re-release VR later this year and we still really enjoy playing some of those songs live and they fit so well with the set we have now. After 5 years that album is finding its place in our legacy and in the scene and it’s become a bit of a hidden classic with a lot of people.

Are there any plans for some shows in the near future, on some festival or a like?
Yes our agents are currently working on a run of dates EU to support the release and we have a few UK shows booked. We are also looking at some fests and maybe US or SA at the end of the year. We really want to be out there pushing this album and we are busy working in the rehearsal studio to bring a new set and stage show. Keep an eye on our pages for updates.

What keeps you to still record the music after all those years even when Hecate Enthroned is not on its highest level of popularity and attention of media? Are we are going also to wait for the next recordings in the upcoming years?
The same thing that has always kept us going; the love of playing and writing music. It doesn’t matter how popular we are or what reviews we get, we would still be playing and writing even if we had no deal. Luckily we have been incredibly fortunate with our fans as they have stood with us throughout and drive what we do, we produce for them and they keep us honest. We have a second album contracted with M-Theory Audio who have been amazing with us and have delivered on every level and showed a lot of faith in us which we feel we have also delivered on so it’s a great partnership and we are developing together. So it won’t be a long wait for the next release.

I’ve heard some rumors (probably false) that you’re going to employ Sarah Jezebel Deva on new album, was there any true about this rumor?
Yes Sarah performs on 3 tracks on this new album; Erebus and Terror, Silent conversations with distant stars, Goddess of dark misfits. After she appeared on the last album Virulent Rapture we had plans to do more work together and this album was a perfect opportunity to do just that and it has worked out incredibly well. We are very good friends and along with our producer Dan Abela we have an amazing team and we are all so proud of each other and the album.

I would like tot hank you for the interview and I wish you all the best! Thank you for your great music that have always inspired!
Many thanks for the interview and many thanks for all your support, our darkest regards to your readers and all our fans …………………. See you all on the road SOON!!!

  • Answers by Dylan
  • Interview by Marko Miranovic

One thought on “HECATE ENTHRONED Temples that Breathe

  1. Great interview, i am a huge fan of Hecate Enthrone first 3 releases and this new “Embrace of the Godless Aeon” is a welcome return to those roots, loving it so far!
    Hail Hecate Enthroned! \m/


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