FOREVER STILL Breathe In Colours

Its always nice and welcome to present some new acts on Metal Sound’s pages. This time we are presenting you FOREVER STILL, the band that comes from Denmark.  Forever Still are performing a sort of modern but very melodic metal. They are just about to release their upcoming offering fro Nuclear Blast Breathe in Colours so we have done one nice chat with Maja.


Hi there! First we would like to talk about Forever Still’s upcoming album “Breathe In Colours”. Could you present forthcoming record to our readers since we are closing to the date of release?

Hello! Breathe In Colours was initially inspired by watching the news and realising just how much the problems, we are facing right now resemble those of the dystopian futures, we read about as kids: The government in the pocket of big companies, the serious issues concerning climate change and the media preaching fear and driving us further away from one another. Despite that, there is a very positive message on the album – you just have to look a little closer to find it.

Well, second it will be welcome if you could to present the band to our reads since this is the first interview with Forever Still that we have opportunity to have so far?

In short, Forever Still is a modern rock band from Copenhagen, Denmark. The band was started by multi instrumentalist Mikkel (live bass) and I, and in 2013 we released our first EP, Breaking Free.

Since there are our readers who are unfamiliar with the band Forever Still could you compare your music and style with some other groups on scene and describe your style more for those who are uncommon with the group yet?

Recently we had a fan call it “the love child of Flyleaf and Nine Inch Nails”, which we actually thought was a really fun way to describe it! We have always been inspired by a wide variety of musical genres and on Breathe In Colours, it really shows. We ventured into some post rock moments on the title track, Breathe In Colours, some pure electronic moments on Pieces and even some djent-inspired moments on a song like Embrace The Tide. The overall sound can be described as fairly raw and electronic and we combine that with big, catchy choruses, which is something we’ve always both loved.

Since there are already two videos on-line taken from your upcoming album could you say that you are satisfied by the reaction and comments of the listeners and viewers? it seems that there’s already attention to the band…

We are so happy, with how they have been received! We knew, the songs were quite different, from what we had done on our previous album, so it was amazing to see all the positive comments online. I actually think our latest single, Breathe In Colours, is the most positive reception, we’ve ever gotten to any song so far.

Are you already preparing for the tour in order to promote your upcoming album ”Breathe In Colours”?

Yes! In fact we just released a song (Rewind) from our rehearsal session. The full rehearsal session can be pre ordered from our website on a branded USB. We’ll also be posting the upcoming tour dates there as well as on our social media as soon as they’re official. A lot of dates are currently in the works and we’re looking so much forward to visiting and revisiting a lot of European cities this year!

The band comes from Denmark so what could you tell us about your metal scene? Do you have any shows out there from time to time?

I actually think, it has gotten more interesting during the last couple of years. If you’d asked me a couple of years ago, I wouldn’t be so positive, but right now I think, there are some really interesting things happening in the underground. Our last show of 2018 was actually a headline show in Denmark, where we got to debut some of the brand new songs from the upcoming album! The club was completely packed, the vibe was great and it was really awesome to get to hear people’s first reaction to the new songs.

In fact ”Tied Down” was your debut album, so what could you say us about your debut material and could you compare it with your upcoming record?

The music has definitely developed, but I’d still say we’re very recognizable for listeners, who liked the first album. Tied Down was a very introspective album about a single person going through a change whereas on Breathe In Colours, we shifted our focus and decided to take a more extrospective look out on the world, which has definitely changed the sound and vibe of the album. On Tied Down, the protagonist struggles with feelings of worthlessness and self doubt and on Breathe In Colours, she continues her journey and evolves. Here, the lyrical themes are centered around inner as well as outer wars, but more than just wallowing in sadness and being a victim, they’re focused on finding the strength within, and overcoming the struggles the world presents you with.

As a matter of fact Maja has been employed as a singer in the band. How is to have the female vocalist in the band? Do you gain some more attention because of that?

Ever since I started really listening to music, as well as being in bands myself, I’ve enjoyed more alternative styles. Women are still underrepresented in heavy music, so undoubtedly that’s going to attract some people’s attention, but either way, they’re only going to stick around, if you can actually deliver something worth listening to.

I would like to thank you for the interview and I wish you all the best! Hope to see you somewhere on tour live!

Pleasure, and hopefully we’ll see you on the road in Europe this year!

  • Answers by Maja
  • Interview by Marko Miranovic

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